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My idea about the ability of the Top 2 creature of "Lost Island"

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Actually , i already post this on r/ark subreddit but i think i decide to share my idea on the ARK main forum too.

source :: https://www.reddit.com/r/ARK/comments/ot4vsg/my_idea_about_the_big_2_of_lost_island_creature/


We now knew that the 2 creature that was leading in the community choice and will be pick up are either

"Dinopithecus" (Killer Baboon) and "Carcharodontosaurus" (Shark teeth Lizard, aka mini-Giga)

Many ppl in this subs has voice some concern about how OP it is for a baboon to able to carry a gun and ther other one is just "another Giga"

Now i want to pitched in my own idea about these 2 to fit in the current meta of Genesis 2 that we currently have right now.

"Dinopithecus" (Killer Baboon)

  • normal attack : slash enemy using claws and a bite attack

  • special attack (C) : grabs a stone and thrown at target doing some damge but....

| if it hit at the creatures's head it will stun creature a bit like baryonyx's stun ability

| if it hit the rider, it can down the rider off the mount and the rider will get stunned too

  • It can has turret mode where it will stand tall and stay in place and only do stone throwing attack on enemy player/dino

  • Can jump and climbing the wall like Deinonychus while also can do attack and throwing stone too

  • When fighting with larger dino, it can jump onto it similar to Deinonychus's ability and keep attack the target until it's dead or Dinopithecus's stamina empty and it will release the jump attack (these ability will drain Dinopithecus's stamina overtime)

  • When equiped with Saddle , it can carry ONLY melee weapon or tools same as Mantis so you can have it as melee attacker or harvester of your own choice, also with ability to climb the wall/cliff you can use Dinopithecus to harvest the resource on the cliffside with tools too. (No monkey with a gun meme here, sorry...)

  • The baboon can get mate boosted like a pack bonus but only for male & female couple instead of the pack.

Role : Harvester, Battle Mount, All-Terrain Transport, Boss Killer, Defender


"Carcharodontosaurus" (Shark Teeth Lizard)

  • Normal attack : Bite attack (can has Gnashed ability)

  • Special attack : Carcharodontosaurus will do a snap attack that has similar ability as stego's tail swing , it will grab the enemy dino/player in it's place and do bleeding damage overtime until the dino/player is dead , the only way for player to escape it's snap attack is to throw a flashbang or do an explosive dmg to the Carcharodontosaurus so it can release it's jaw (the dino that got snapped still able to attack back)

  • Carcharodontosaurus can has a carry mode where it will grab friendly dino (that can be grab by wyvern) or friendly structure and move it around similar to both Megalosaurus and Exo-Mek combined, the downside is that the bleeding effect will also has effect on both friendly dino/friendly structure too so player might need to repair/heal the structure/Dino a little bit or not hold onto it too long.

  • cannot using carry mode on netural or enemy structure

  • Carcharodontosaurus will got pack boost similar to allosaurus and small enough to be able to bring inside the Boss Arena.

Roles : Battle Mount, Combat Specialist, Giga-Slayer, Boss Killer, Impaler, Utilities

Carcharodontosaurus meta will sit in between T-Rex (Boss Killer), Allosaurus (Pack Fighter) and Giga (Damage dealer)

Feel free to add more idea or give to opinion on my idea about both of these dino.


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