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I play on Official PVE server 750 the island .. I logged in after 5 days being offline and I checked that on my steam profile and server history

When I logged in today i found out that all my base and my dinos are auto decayed which doesn't make sense .... some of the base are destroyed and other are not and i found myself killed with my tribe mates !!!!!

and when I opened the log i found out that all the base are auto decayed
but something like cryo fridge which is not written in the log can't find it either !!!

why does my cryo fridge get destroyed when its 40 days decay and on stone foundation which is 12 days
i want to know why my base got destroyed
i had over 200 dinos with printing mutation color and stats
i spent over 500 hours taming and maturing

that was a hard work of my 500 hours alone and don't know what to do
if it really gone all my hard work, time and effort will mean nothing
please help me with my issue

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What often happens is, you login  - but you don't wait for a game save to go down.  Then the server crashes before the next save point and rolls back to before you logged in to base check.  Steam and battlemetrics will log the events of you goign there, but it won't tell you explicitely that the server crashed right after you got off.

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if you place you cryo fridge on a stone foundation, it gets destroyed when the foundation auto decay, if you want it to last 40 days you have to place it on the floor directly, 

sorry to tell you your dino are gone for good, in the future try to keep a copy of your best dino on different maps ,

if you contact support they might give you some dinos back but it won't be above lv201 with no mutation or specific stat or color, so kind of useless in your situation.

if you logged in 5 days ago just to refresh your base, like GrumpyBear it might be a case of crash just after you logged out, then roll back before you logged in, therefore cancelling your "refresh"

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