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Official Beginner Server's didn't get wiped on PC!!!!!

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WIpe Problem on the Official Beginner Server's on PC

For a long time a few friends and I have been waiting for the beginner servers to finally wipe. These are now almost at 3000 days, although according to wipe-cyclus they always wiped on 1500 days.

I think it's a pity, because I loved to play on the servers and that without wipe is hardly possible without laggs or full map, especially on the PVP servers. I hope that this post reaches someone who can help or forward it.

who shares my opinion , likes , so that it becomes more visible!!



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MrShadow, every now and then an official server will crash and reset to day1; once the support team notices they will reset to server to its most recent server save. Sometimes this takes a few hours, sometimes they are lazy or something and it takes a few days. The only thing you can do is file a server outage report.  

As for the beginner servers, I am pretty sure Wildcard has forgotten about them at this point. 

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