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bulbdog fetch on alpha impossible to do now you can't net megalos

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ok so they removed netting creatures in the hunt mission including the tranq hunts. im on pve so no picking dinos up and the megalos have absurd amounts of hp (600 melee R-gigas take over 20 hits to kill one) we cannot stop these things from killing the bulbdogs before we can tranq them all and it only gets worse the less bulbdogs you have. you can't tranq the megalos either so how are we sposed to get this mission done? i know pvp players can likely just pick them up and take them to safety but im at a complete loss as to how we can disable these op beasts. the other 2 missions we done np but this one is stupid hard and with a 1 shot per day kind of window to do it i have given up. 

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It's impossible! The mission was clearly designed with netting the megalosaurs in mind since they have 53,000HP each. They changed it so you can't net the ferox but the tame missions were completely overlooked since they're both classified as "hunt" missions in game. They need to allow us to net the mission dinos in the "taming" missions or scale down the hp so they can be killed in a timely manner.

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