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11 hours ago, Killjoy7473 said:

Hey I'm just wondering how much food is consumed a second during the use of the ability 

Dude, its really really weird.......If your just healing a single dino, even if its a rex or stego with 50k health, it consumes food at a very slow rate but lasts a long time if your healing them all the way up from nearly no health. However if your trying to heal a lot of dino's all at once, it can take chunks out of the deadon's food stat quicker. You will have to refeed the pig regularly to get everyone filled back up to fighting condition.

However its during the boss fights that things get really weird. Im not sure if its a single player thing of if its just how the deadon works in general, but while in a boss fight you will see HUGE chunks of food disappear from his stats.....Iv tried to see if anyone else notices this, but to me, its like the deadon act's like a sort of shield. Instead of your fighters taking damage, the damage is redirected to your deadons food stat and thus you can hold off any damage that your team takes during the early part of battle. Like I said, it is really weird.

Some tips n tricks.....Dodo kibble is the best food for the deadon. You can force feed them non stop, and it recovers 100 food per kibble. Secound best is cooked prime, prime fish, and mutton {rip mutton farms}
If your slowly healing a lot of dinos up and want your pig to refill his food stat faster, fill his inventory with all the meat he can hold, as well as a nearby trough, then either run or fly away from the pig untill it unrenders, then fly back. He will have immediately eaten everything and refilled his food stat.
Last one is when you go cave smashing, you can bring a pocket pig with a carnivore ride, and if you get to a point where you want to heal your carnivore, you can toss out the deadon and turn on its auto heal while you force feed your other carnivore and double the healing speed. Works great with basils!

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