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1 hour ago, D3cebalus said:

Guys.... you cant go from 3x to 1x for the entire weekend, its like going cold turkey after going on a 3 week crack binge.... poop isn't right. The game should just be set on 3x at all times anyway.... especially when you can lose everything while sleeping.

The current 1x is already either 4 or 8x the very first original rates. The community crunch said there would be no evo event this weekend. 

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1 hour ago, sjskdjkfa said:

I wish they'd stop fluxing the rates so much. It's addiction psychology though, less predictable reward schedule has been shown to increase addiction. You feel like you've been ona crack binge and just suddenly forced to go cold turkey, but the next time you get an event it's going to be another crack binge.


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