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Permanent Character in the Cloud



Yeah. 6 Years of Ark and it still remains the only game on the market, more or less, where you can lose your character / entire progress randomly when transferring servers. Could you imagine a game like Runescape where you can lose your account anytime you change worlds? Or World of Warcraft where you can lose your account anytime you enter a dungeon/raid/instance? Especially since Genesis 1 and 2, where you now have missions and ascensions directly linked to your player, it's a big deal when you lose your character more than ever.


My suggestion is to allow players to copy or clone their character permanently to the cloud, which can be downloaded at any time. The character should have 0 inventory items and 0 HLNA Hexagon Exchange points, but otherwise should allow the player to have all the things that really matter ie: Imprints, Boss completions, Genesis missions. The only issue really with this is similar to the current problem with 'duped' characters, which should have been fixed in the first place. Why reward players who have duped their character 100's of times and punish those who never did? It would require a change to how characters are downloaded when a clone is already on that server - an issue that should have been fixed 6 years ago already if it was such a big deal to game integrity. 


Although Ark 2 is coming out relatively soon (and I hope that character loss is already being accounted for in the development of that), Ark 1 still has a good year or more where it is the primary game of Wildcard. Especially with the new map coming out soon - I can see hundreds of people looking forward to trying it out, transferring their character, only to lose all their progress once again. I hope you are able to implement SOMETHING which can give players peace of mind about playing your game. It doesn't have to be a permanent character in the 'download survivor' section, but just something so players don't feel like they have to quit the game whenever the Ark servers smite them. It should have always been a #1 priority issue to fix. 

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