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5 hours ago, Avisrex said:

I actually agree here.

They area leading a lot and left the others in the dust. Doing one or the other rather than both is likely to tick off a lot of people.

Honestly it would be so smart of them to add both, not just because they're popular (the vote is basically split directly down the middle), but because both ideas are genuinely really cool and would make the game a lot more enjoyable than it already is :) a carnivore bigger and stronger than a rex, and a gun wielding rideable baboon? Gimme gimme

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On 7/31/2021 at 12:04 AM, Dyson said:

I would love for both to be added but how possible would it be for wildcard to add another creature after they already have the third picked out? It would unlikely but if it does happen i guess im wrong and you can quote me and say i was wrong


(and good job on the second place.)

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