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Wildcard ignoring their paid customers, electing instead to release new map.

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So, it seems to me that Wildcard is just going to ignore the fact that they have thousands of PAYING customers they've left hanging on a Gen 2 map that is so broken, half-finished, and 100% favorable to PC players. I have a Xbox One X. Just a few things:

- Literally over 100 server crashes since launch on my official pve server. More than 50 rollbacks. And those are just when I've been on the game. I do sleep too.

- Slide and Glide starts 10 seconds into the race. Either add 10 seconds to the total time, or, here's an idea, add more time to the race prep countdown so that EVERYONE can actually load into the race.

- Downriver run has the same problem, and additionally, when the server eventually lags during the race (of course it always does. Thanks, Nitrado!) it rubber bands and does not always restore the time.

- Star Dolphin has the same rubber band or lag issue...time does not get restored each time. This mission never starts before loading in, so maybe use the same logic in the other races.

- Circuit Chase slows the Enforcer down in first person view when climbing. Why? 

Wildcard, you have thousands of unanswered/unresolved/ignored tickets, you made us wait half a year from the original release window, you make us restart and wait in the queue for your servers to restart, YOU CHARGE US FOR THIS, and then you announce a new map on top of all of that? How about you try optimizing for consoles, work with your dedicated community to address KNOWN and REPORTED issues, polish the turd you've given us in Gen2, and THEN move on to a new map? Is it too much to ask to get our money's worth, or are you okay with a large part of your customer base to lose what little faith it has left in your management and dev teams? If this garbage persists, why buy what will likely be an unpolished turd of Ark 2, just so you can come out with a broken Ark 3 two months later?  

You guys suck.

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