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Wildcard. After every xpac there is something which can be abused to basically full on turret bypass. Extinction was the worst so far - Desert Titan on release should have been called Dev-Wipe Titan, because it could foundation wipe a 500+ turret, slotcapped ammo base in about 2 minutes. 

Getting dev wiped/global banned because a raft visually glitched after an update. Don't ever place a raft in the underwater caves to loot artifacts, because after an update it might visually glitch and trick enforcement into deleting all your progress.

Unannounced changes to terminals on Genesis2 also caused us to lose a teleporter/vaults of loot out of the blue too. Just deleted from thin air after an update.

Then lastly, character loss. What good is playing the game when all your progress can be randomly deleted upon transferring server? 


I would be blessed to ever get raided by anything other than Wildcard, I really would. 

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