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Hi may I please join


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Hi the names Benny but my ark character is i3ennyboi I'm 36years of age, My ark character lvl is 105 main. And second is i think for crafting as i'm working on him he's lvl60 something or possibly 70ish. I was i think part of a mega Mega before called the Tink tribe on 1127 Val map but i left due to too many  insiders then we had the big war which i wasn't there for. So after abit of a break i asked a mate Tink to get me into one of hs tribes which was wldd I eventually joined and was joined up on multiple servers but i made a mistake and went on holiday without letting anyone fro the tribe know and was booted for inactivity. I tried to plead my case to them but was unsuccessfull. So here I am looking to start all over again. Kind regards Benny. 

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