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Epanterias and afrovenator y new skin of argentavis

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This is my suggestion for the lost island map. There are 2 creatures and a skin from the argentavis (the skin is the cock of the rocks from Peru) the first one, the epanterias is a cousin of allosaurus, its tameo is passive, it is aggressive all the time, it is like an astrodelphis + allosaurus + hoversail. When he faces a more powerful enemy and we help him, he becomes passive for 20 minutes and there you can later feed him until he is tame. Its mount has 3 tek cannons and it can fly like the astodelphis and tropeognatus it has 2 motors next to the seat, if you don't want the tek mount you can place the allosaurus mount. Abilities: it causes bleeding and a terrifying roar, it can keep its young in its mouth like crocodiles, although it can save offspring of giganto rex raptor, megalosaurus, yutyranjus and more terropods and wyvern sometimes release a scale, its best skills are with the tek mount like cannons and fly grab creatures and more. Appears in mountains and ruins on the map, afrovenator is a cousin of the megalosaurus is neutral unless it is near some prey has the same attacks of the megalosaurus and drag survivors to the bottom of the sea. Their jaws can make fish and ictyosaurus, blankets, ammonite and more so that they live out of the water, they can fall asleep in the water

since with a system inside their body they can sleep without drowning. It can run in water like the basilisk and can grab prey with its hands while biting. It is amphibian appears in swamps and coasts and parts of the ocean with the tek mount it can be totally aquatic since it does not drown. Its tameo is passive and it eats fish and epanteria scales. It has a cannon and 4 missiles and a surveillance tron gives you breath underwater. ost of the time is in the water or sleeping. In the helmet it has a trigger, if I don't win I hope to create a mod to put these creatures and they can enjoy them



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