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I'm not sure what to think about this issue as it probably isn't against the rules but is very annoying.

In my server box tribes have built turret towers all over the map, usually around 3 Tek turrets on a pillar and a teleport at the bottom.

They are everywhere, my assumption is; it's for missions and seeing as the mission dinos move to different locations it provides help at all spots and helps shoot the mission dinos?

Is this common on most servers? 

Is it just how the game is played now or is it considered 'bad practice'.


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Pretty much everything those box tribes do is considered bad practice lol, they're a plague on this game and Wildcard refuses to be the cure. I've heard mentions about turret towers in my own Gen 2 official pve server built by a box tribe, except in this case they weren't helping things they were instead making it worse by killing mission dinos that you're supposed to tranq.

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