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Deep Dive into the Tek Fighter Jet and Diving Car

The Tek Jet is a state of the art federation military assualt vehicle used during the great war and in the hands of a qualified survivor is a great assest in defending your base

It is powered by elements Dust and has three modes:

Battle Mode:

Its default mode the fighter has a rocket launcher that uses cannon shells and a gatling gun that uses shards as ammo

Slipstream mode:

Super speed mode that makes you move 50% faster you can still use the rocket launcher and van perform evasive moves like barrel roles.

Stealth Mode: 

A mode that makes your jet invisible but you are slowed down and your weapons are disabled.

On top of that the jet will have first person visual modes 


Heat Vision 

Night Vision


Y: Enter/Exit

Double Tap A: Switch Modes

<LS> Barrel Roll

RT: Rockets

LT: Gatling Gun

Double Tap X: Change Vision


Diving Car:

The Diving car is a deep sea diving vehicle that can hold up to 4 people and is a better way to harvest deep sea resources without a scuba tank. The tank is powered by element and has an air filter that gets worked the more people you have. It also has two mechanical arms for gathering and dual harpoon launchers.

The harpoon launchers can be used to fire two of any harpoon ammo and the new tether harpoon 

The arms:

The left arm is a basic hand for grabbing loose resources like pearls and the right arm has a drill used for solid resources like rocks and crystals and can harvest from dead dinos

Also has first person visual modes


Y: Enter/Exit

Hold A: Ascend

Hold B: Descend

RS: Change Mode

LS: Boost

RT: Right Harpoon/Arm

LT: Left Harpoon/Arm

Double Tap X: Change Visuals




Let me know what you think

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