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Normal, or something I can do to fix long updating time?

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So .. downloading 1.6gb update ... 4 minutes.... "updating" 18 minutes.... on an m.2 ssd disk....

Is there a setting that I have accidently turned on/off to throttle harddrive transfer rate from the usually 500mb/s to about 90mb/s ??

Or is this just bad Wildcard coding, and learn to live with it??

Edit: All other games utilize the disk speed normally....

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Sorry for late reply...

It depends... I have 2 downloads .. one dedicated Download disk that is not an ssd ... and the windows designated one that IS on an ssd ... but steam and all games are on the same ssd ( I have just different folders for different launchers on the drive, Steam, EGL, GoG, Battle.net and so on, and then subfolders in there for the launcher soft and games )

But I would assume that Steam wouldn't use any other folder than the game folder or an temp folder within its designated drive?

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