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Megalania help! (Breeding)

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15 hours ago, RedDogRob said:

Happy Wednesday Survivors!

I've been doing a lot of megalania breeding recently and have found it annoying trying to get the eggs from under their stomachs. Does anyone know of a way to make the egg drop to the floor so I can just pick it up?

I would try catwalks. It will some wrangling to get them to park in exactly the right position, but you should be able to park them across two catwalks so that the eggs drop down through the space between the two catwalks.

Also, a classic technique that should work for any species is to park them where you want them to be, put them on Passive and Ignore Group Whistles, then demolish the ceiling/ramp that they're standing on. They will float in the air as long as no one ever whistles at them individually or tries to mount one.

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