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How inhuman suggestions lol, leaving him trapped without torture. He will die of boredom, At least place inside bee hive or something.

No seriously is not worth loosing time about. Let him in, sooner or latter he will log of. Then find him with owl or wolf and drag him out of base in wooden cage.

Pressure plate work too.

Keep your parasaur full of food

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It is important to remember that some people view PVE servers as PVP but with extra complications. Egg stealing, trying to sneak in to claim babies, drag your body out to drown you while you sleep & take your stuff, and so on.  So keep anything important behind sealed walls - airlock doors as mentioned above are great, and lay on a bed before logging off.  

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1 hour ago, TonyTempah said:

I'd say gather your evidence before springing a trap as preventing someone from playing the game in PvE could fall foul of the CoC. Screenshots and videos etc.

Good point. Also only troll someone as much as they troll you. E.g. if they harass your door way for ~30min and then you trap them and make them beg to get out for 5 hours, you are the troll.

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13 hours ago, invincibleqc said:

The best defence is to ignore them. All they want from you is a reaction. Don't give them any attention and they will leave you alone. The more you react, the more they will stick around and troll you.

It's hard to ignore if they do disrupt your game. Like agro wild dino's around you base, moving eggs away from ac's, eating eggs from hatchery, poopting around gacha babies (intentional or accidental) or abusing the "unlock" bug (items unlock when rubberbanded while opening a door or accessing an item, WC please remove that double keybinding from console!) to simply steal.

Trap and starve/drown, check inventory for your items, keep their inventory to return if it was unintentional. Keep a screenshot of the chat warning them.
Unfortunately the GM's have their hands full and can't do anything against this.

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13 hours ago, Dreadcthulhu said:

Good point about trapping the troll being a risky move to make - said troll might be baiting you into doing just that, so they can file a report on you with some selectively cut video evidence against you. 

It's not that risky. Had issues with stealing server hopping trolls. The GM's did not have the time to do something about it inspite of several people complaining about it. Found their spawn base by luck and flooded it with tame raptors that kept them pinned down to their bed. They rebuild another spawnbox which got a wyvern wing through the door, preventing them to leave.

I know, childish as can be but GM's don't have the time to handle the trolls. Just make sure the others on the server know what's going on, they might even lend you a few raptors ;)

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