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No structures allowed on Quetzal?

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On 7/13/2021 at 11:24 AM, Zapha said:

Today I tried to build some structures on my Quetzal and got the message:

"There are too many creatures with structures on platform saddles on this ARK".

But I can build structures on my Stryder. Is this intended? Does that mean I can't build on my Quetzal in Gen2?

I got the same thing on my second skiff.

The first one I was able to put a bed and smithy on it, with the plan of putting a full mobile base build down the road. After I thought I'd lost that skiff to a server crash in space, I built another one and could not put anything on it because of that message.

If I had to guess, it is because there is a limited number of platform builds allowed per server... and GenTwo is so element rich and populated that everyone one and their brother has at least one skiff, and once you put one thing on a platform it counts as 20 tames or something.


PS: I just caught that you could build on the Stryder... so I dunno. Still think it is the player counts that contribute by some back door restrictions. I know I cannot add anything else to the now recovered first skiff.


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Wait. Because of the Stryder plague all players have to forget their platform builds?

That's not acceptable. We see now a big problem with the decisions that Stryders can't be podded and have fixed modules. The gen2 maps are packed with useless stryders because they have the wrong modul combination and can't be podded.

And nobody on the map can use platform saddles anymore.

Devs, this can't be a solution to say "The ARK limit is reached, forget your quetzals, brontos, mossas and whatever dinos with platform saddles, it's more important to have hundreds of useless stryders on the map".

Please, do something.

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