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We run a private small server, not clustered, with Gen 2 map. We are all 110, due to the chibi level but want to get to 135. Now since we are not clustered, we decided to fight the bosses that reward levels ( The Island Overseer and Aberration Rockwell ) on Gen 2 map.

we leveled up all the needed dinos, and spawned in the bosses. We killed them, got TEK reward and engrams but no levels..

Now the question is,  how to gain the extra needed levels? Is there an Admin command that can fix this? Do we need to make the 200 line long override lines in game.ini file or do we really need to set up a cluster?
Can we do a clean max level override?? ( we are using ASM to set up the server, and it's a dedicated server on one of my server rigs )

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