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Ideas to reduce official servers lag and abuse - PvE

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Ideas to reduce official servers lag and abuse - PvE

I have notice some maps like the Island or Genesis 2 are looking more like a city with a succession of bases everywhere than a natural map. 

1.  Unbuildable areas where players spawns, where resources spawns and where some dino spawns. A lot of the pillaring is to prevent that.

2. A reduce number of structures server wide, not in an area. Make every structures count, people will stop wasting some on pillars and huge ugly boxes base or take to much land

3. A reduce number of unpod dinos server wide, not in an area.

4. Unbuildable areas near rivers and beaches or spots you want to preserved like tunnel access or ramps.

5. When you design a map, make a lot of small areas completely flat and space out to promote the building of bases in those areas.  Make "best bases locations" at the design level. Once a tribe takes one of those premium spots, it cannot build anything on another one.

6. I like the paths in some maps.  Design unbuildable paths and  buildable flat base locations all over the map.

7.  More complicated Create a special build foundation structure that once place protects an area around it that prevent other players to build inside of its range BUT also prevent YOU from building outside of this range. Each player could have a small limited number of this build foundation structure. Its kind of a land claim system.

* Consider adding a small annual fee to play on some premium official servers to help pay for server maintenance bugs correction.

all of this could also be used in Ark 2. Learn from you're experience...

For ark 2:   Heirlooms for old Ark 1 players.  Most people will not want to lose everything to move to a similar game. 

Maybe allows to transfer some pod dinos from ark1 to ark2.

Maybe old ark 1 players get a set of heirloom blueprints for structures, gear and saddles.



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