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This is an in depth description of my tek Octopus Arms. They are an offhand tool that emerges from the back like Dr. Octopus in the marvel comics. To access the arms hold Y and select it in the wheel. The arms also have four modes:

Walking mode:

Allows you to lift yourself up and with the four arms you can move a lot faster then on foot. Essentially you move like a bloodstalker and you can jump high as well.

Grab Mode:

In this mode the arms will hover and you can use this to grab creatures smaller then a human. And move structures like the exo mek but nothing bigger than a large storage box.

Climbing mode:

Approach any wall and you will be able to climb it and hug the wall and aim weapons if you need to defend yourself just dont hit the arms.

Attack mode:

Like the grab mode the arms will hover and you can use them to rapidly attack enemies and block with the arms youre not using


A: Jump (Hold for long jump)

X: Switch mode

Y: Arm Controls

RT/RB: Right Arms (Hold Either for Block)

LT/LB: Left Arms (Hold Either for Block)



If you have any suggestions but most likely slander let me know and let me know what youd like me to go in depth with next.



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