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fanfiction any important/interesting things from Ark: scorched earth I should include?

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I'm working on a project that includes the 2 main characters peforming songs based on different movies,videogames,tv shows and more, including some songs based on Ark and the different packs (not the official music from the games,but fan made stuff).

the performance would be re-creating parts of the story from the thing the song is based on,for example the song based on the Ark base game aka The Island would re-create the boss fights against the Megapithecus,Broodmother,Dragon and Overseer and would and with the Ascension scene.

I'm planning on working on 1 at a time and with The Island finished,the next Song will be the 1 based on scorched earth, but from what I've seen so far (haven't looked that deep into it yet since I'm also working on other stuff),scorched earth seems to be very light on the story with the Ascension scene missing and the only boss beeing the manticore.

So my question would be if there's someting else important or cool I could include in the Performance like Locations,Armor,Creatures or anything else,note that is should be something the player is doing and not something based on what Characters from the Lore like Helena did.

other important things to say:

1.if someone is wondering how I couldn't come up with something myself,I haven't Played scorched earth or Ark in general,I'm only getting my infos from Youtube videos,the Ark wiki and other places like some forums.

2.I'm sorry if some parts of the text sounds strange,I'm from germany.

thank you very much :)

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