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Please for the love of god, if you do anything good at all for Ark 2, please have region locking so Chinese players, european players, South American players, North American players etc, can only join servers meant for them.  These box tribes, mostly Chinese players, are horribly toxic on PvE servers.  Griefing and pillaring is out of control.  Sometimes they switch to English language characters and say racist things against Americans and latinos.  We cannot report them because all we see if [][][][][][][][][][] for their name and tribe.  During the night time, global chat is spammed with constant and unrelenting [][][][][][][][][][][][][].  VERY toxic!

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while i do like aspects of this idea. that also poses its own complications. say for example some friends from America, Japan, Europe, China and Australia all wanted to play on a server together. due to the region lock they wouldn't be able to play together. unless im reading this wrong and you mean that this idea would be for official servers only. but even if that is still the case players from different regions still wouldn't be able to  play with other friends in different regions.

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