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No Asian Servers?

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our server 990 is running with a ping of 255 all day, only after the Chinese tribes log of the ping gets down to a more playable state, still really bad since all the asian tribes dont know how to cryo anything, always around 200 gigas standing around in the box tribes!

Could Wild Card not do something so we at least can play the game?

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Nothing will change, as gen2 dies off servers will get better but for now, crashing ever hour, 255 and no wild dinos seems to be normal. Really fun...

Also asian servers wont help, The join EU/NA servers because this game is a job, selling top stat dinos, materials and structures for real money will always be a thing and this is the biggest market for them.

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This has always been the problem. They ignore the constant crashes because it doesn't matter. No consequences for those purposely crashing the servers with a hundred brontos all attacking something at once because again it doesn't matter to them. They don't give 2 craps about how the game plays only that people buy the dlc.

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