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pvp NGM 7man Smalltribe PvP Cluster! Wiped 6/6


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NGM Smalltribe PvP Cluster
Come check out this awesome Cluster!

Discord: https://discord.gg/JXzuZgB6bx

This cluster was wiped on 6/6
Wipes only when necessary!


Awesome Spyglass: best spyglass ever!

Hatchery, nanny, imprinting, replicator, cooker, trough, forge, chem bench, omni-tool, multi-tool. Also structures can always be picked up.

Allowing one player to farm efficiently! Only 2 players in a tribe can use solofarm at a time per map.

Using /setorp in chat will set a 45 foundation bubble around your base protecting you while offline!(1 bubble per map)

Crosschat including discord!

Vote Rewards:
Voting for us on TopArk will grant in game element, ingots, a chance at chibi's/bp's

Ark Shop:
Earn points by just playing on our cluster, or buy points/subscriptions to support the cluster and buy dino's/items to help you save time and progress!

Tribe enforcer:
We have tribes limited to 7 tribe members across all maps! Also you can only have 1 alliance, with 1 ally at one time to help prevent orp abuse!

Server Events:
World Boss: Alpha, Beta or Gamma Broodmother or Megapithecus
     Where: Valguero at ~ 70,70 coords.
     When: Sunday Noon Central time
                 Wednesday 7pm Central time
Rules: Do not build inside the arena zone, Tek works inside. Giga damage is reduced by 90%. PvP is strongly encouraged!

In Development:
Our own arena/auction house map(where world boss events will take place once its done.)

We are constantly striving to better our cluster and hope you all come check us out!

5x XP
5x Maturation
3x Gathering
3x Taming
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