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Dung Beetle TLC



I thought I would officially suggest something that everyone (nobody) is asking for. That's right, the much talked about (never talked about) Dung Beetle TLC pass!


Wait, don't go! Hear me out...


Right now the poor, shiny poop eater has only one purpose. Make Fertilizer. But it could be so much more. Beetles like many small creatures are incredibly strong for their size. They are tough and have ingenious defence methods. Its about time this was reflected in Ark Survival Evolved's gameplay.

#1 Elevate Dung Beetle from being carried to shoulder mounted.

#2 The Dung Beetles strength assists the carrier by giving them a bonus to strength and armour that scales with levels. 1% bonus per level carry weight. 1% bonus per level to armour.

#3 Stink Bomb Defence! If a player is attacked while carrying a Dung Beetle it emits a cloud of noxious gas that makes the attacker run away. Downside however is that it makes the carrying player nauseous and stops them from running as well as reducing their stamina over time. This can be mitigated by having strong fortitude. It also has the same effect on any tame the player is mounted on but, can be reduced if the tame can hold its breath (finally a use for Oxygen in non aquatic tames!?).


Now that you can't weight (sp) for this TLC to happen, get your voice heard by using #dungpower in Twitter. Lets make this a thing!

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