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wc please fix all the issues in this game stop about the new maps which will likely be only on mods anyways

i have seen to many bugs and glitches in the game and the dlc's until this is fixed and maps  etc are added to game for all pc and consoles not just in the mods console players cant use mods.

all the talk and hype about the new stuff coming is when to many other things need fixing first so please fix  all issues first then add for consoles and pc. 

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5 hours ago, Spartacus7894 said:

I need help on a gentwo server. I was playing yesterday and when I logged on today, my high level character was completely gone, like it was ereased I checked literally every server for gentwo. How can I get my character back? 

that is terrible. I have had this happen. Unfortunately if a server crashes and rolls back to before your char was there, (there are other ways but I'm not versed in them all just ones that have happened to me or friends.). If this is what happened to you then your character is gone and you need to file a ticket. This will be a time consuming process and they do NOT replace the character they will give your unlocks back ( if you're lucky) but be prepared for a long wait. I didn't bother to get

anything replaced on my char, I just remade her and got my unlocks myself. I don't have months to languish waiting on WC.

Once you've checked any possible servers then it's time to file that ticket. I will say they require some proof of your character. A full screenshot of your implant, not cropped in anyway. And in some cases your specimen implant will work. 

I've had copious friends lose characters ( pretty much everyone). Good luck you will need it. I wish I had better news.. but this is Ark and WC -- the news is usually bad.

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I would just like to ask WHY CAN'T WE FIX CRASHING ON SERVER SAVE??? I mean how hard can this be? you've fixed it before and yet

it keeps coming back. Usually when there are bugs you spray and they stay gone. we have been getting kicked the entire event but

as of the last 2 days we are getting kicked literally every freaking raptoring save. At this point I'm pretty numb to the bad performance

but ffs enough is enough fix this already. (NA Official island 341) -- oh look -- we were kicked in the few minutes it took me to post this.

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