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Community Crunch 275: Summer Bash is Live, Community Corner, and More!


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ARK  Survival Evolved Screenshot 1980.jpg

Summer Bash is live on all platforms!  Join in on the fun from June 30th to July 14th for boosted rates, new skins, new chibis, and more!



Less than a week after announcing the creature submission vote for the upcoming free map Lost Islands and 3 new real-world creatures, we already have over a thousand submissions!

You have until July 23rd to get all of your ideas in!  After July 23rd, we'll round up the most liked 10 creatures and complete a vote. Click here to check out the guidelines and learn how to participate!



An ARK: EVOLUTION EVENT is active on all platforms as part of the Summer Bash event!

Note that these bonuses are multiplicative of the game's standard 1x rates. 

  • Official Servers: 3x XP, Harvesting, Taming, and Breeding (imprint, maturation, hatch/gestation), 0.5x Mating Interval, 1.5x Hexagon Bonus
  • Small Tribe Servers: 4.5x XP, 4.5x Harvesting, 4.5x Taming, and 4x Breeding (imprint, maturation, hatch/gestation), 0.5x Mating Interval, 1.5x Hexagon Bonus
  • ARKPocalypse: 5x XP, 5x Harvesting, 5x Taming, and 5x Breeding (imprint, maturation, hatch/gestation), 0.5x Mating Interval, 1.5x Hexagon Bonus
  • Conquest: 4.5x XP, 4.5x Harvesting, 4.5x Taming, and 4x Breeding (imprint, maturation, hatch/gestation), 0.5x Mating Interval, 1.5x Hexagon Bonus





Still looking to get your hands on the elusive Genesis 2 plushie.  Don't worry.  The ARKitects are hosting a Summer Bash event where they will be giving away plushies.  Plenty of known ARK community members will be joining and participating.  Be sure to join the live stream and follow the ARKitects Twitter account for more information!


Creator: pterafier

Check out these useful beginner tips for beginning ARK players.  If you're already past the beginner stage, check out his other videos for more advanced tips!

Creator: The AxeMan

The AxeMan shares his top 10 official maps.  Take a look and see if you agree!



 MiniVulpix - Boden, My Argentavis


影茨  - Ferox


Toaster21648 - Amargasaurus


@GMFoxyArt (corrected) - April and Alana Vilkas


GodzillaXL#3486 - Riding Astro


antloverguy#1145 - Bulbdog named "Chunky"




KCrownee (Render)









See you next week!
Studio Wildcard

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Reddit: reddit.com/r/playark
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Youtube: youtube.com/survivetheark
Facebook: facebook.com/survivetheark


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How about we get some stability, reliability and performance instead of content.  Stop breaking critical components of the game with EVERY UPDATE.  We understand things happen that are unforeseen but c’mon, after almost 6 years of events this should not be something that breaks the game and ya gotta spend better part of a week out of a 2 week event to get it right.  Some things the community has gotten numb to but it shouldn’t have reached that point.  The lag, well at this point we all know and expect the lag to not be addressed, because it hasn’t been, or hasn’t felt like it has been.  The disconnect issues are a supreme annoyance and sometimes causes players to loose almost everything.  Just think if it was one of you playing on official, going around the map looking for a tame, or maybe trying to retrieve your stuff from dying and just as you’re about to trap the creature or grab your stuff the game shuts down and sends ya back to the dashboard, and it keeps doing it over the course of an hour.  You would be pretty ticked off.  Or maybe that egg you been waiting on for hours to hatch is about to pop and the game boots ya and you can’t get back in for 20 minutes because the server went on the frits and that baby dies because you couldn’t claim it let alone cryo it.  It’s things like that that happen all the time that creates animosity towards you at Wildcard from the community.  

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7 hours ago, Havokpaintedwolf said:

delete the sinomacrops suggestion, it is actively being mass upvoted by throwaway accounts and bots courtesy of a spanish youtuber

Agreed, literally seen over 10 accounts made at the exact same date and time and all of them bashing the other top posts like the babboon one, really sad it's gotten this bad and no actions taken. Also noticed the lead community manager is a fan of the youtuber that promoted it so maybe some biased there too.

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Can we please get a fix for Xbox Series X Singleplayer Splitscreen crashing on Gen pt 2 everytime one player enters the tunnels to go thru space biome? Instant black screen everytime no workaround. Been like this since launch of Gen pt 2. Just want to be able to play with family in Splitscreen. No other map does it and does it ob both mine and my father's xbox series x so not just me. Even started a bug report there are others and not a single dev response other than ced saying crashes are important and prioritized but this has been on going for almost a month. PLEASE FIX THIS!!!!

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Hey I have been noticing an issue with Gen1 points per mission and what I’ve seen is that ever since gen2 launched the points on Gen have went from their original values of 1x points per mission to 0.1x per mission so if you were getting 100 points a mission before gen2 launched now after the gen2 launch you are only getting 100. I’m not sure if this was intended or if this is a bug that no one has said anything about or WC just hasn’t noticed if some one could give me some clarification on this or even better WC sees this and responds. I have noticed this on official servers and it’s not just 1 server that I have been on and this happens it all official Gen1 servers seems to have this bug.  Please give clarification on this if you can and thank you for reading.

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Ive been playing Ark for 2 years now. Every event, as far as I can remember, has serious issues. Half of my time is spent trying to get from one place to another, 20 feet away. Lag continues to set me back. It takes me 20 minutes to walk 30 feet in my base.

Server ping gets upwards of 150. Ive lost countless dinos, died numerous times from being kicked while flying, kicked while trying to get back to my body.

Wildcard, fix this broken game.

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The reason I would be concerned with the sinomacrops is that it seems like it would be another throwaway tame. Like those many useless shoulder pets I.E. archa, micro raptor, compy, and probably a whole bunch of others that I can't think of right now. If this is added, it would be bizarre, as the last 3 free maps added such cool mounts, like the griffin and the deinonychus.  If it is chosen, it would instantly be rendered obsolete by things like the otter and the glider suit (which I'm assuming would be available on lost island as it was on val and crystal isle)

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