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It is slowly becomming a nightmare - epic

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this game is actually a lot of fun for me. but slowly the bad sides outweigh the constant anger over many things.

the last 2 days 4 updates. now after the 4th update my game is crashing constantly. after every update my settings were deleted and i had to reset everything.

the time before is lost my flak bp. i pulled it out of the ark data but then it was gone. was another thing....i traveld with many tames tuso breeder, carbos, daedon, stegos to my base they too had simply disappeared. my mate had similar problems.

sorry but i´m really angry right now.

who also has such problems ? that can´t really be true !!!!

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Seems like every update is causing issues one way or another. I keep waiting for the "one update that broke the game" cause right now its just a bunch of duct tape and silver tape to cover up all the real problems.

Pretty much like the past update that killed off all the single player data for xbox...yet they don't take the time to actually fix the old problems and create new ones. x.x

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I need help. After the last update I can no longer find the server. I can no longer log even through the site: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/12050385 
I want to know if I’m the only one who can’t connect and if anyone can help me, after 2 days of work I want to play and I can’t do it. It’s starting to bother me. 

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Sadly this is nothing new, it's just the first time you are seeing it in it's entirety and it's a surprise.

I'm really sorry for your losses in Ark, I'm sorry for MY losses in ark, and my tribemates and anyone else who

reads this. But the sad truth is most of us that have played awhile - we kinda are numb and yes we just accept certain things now.

I went over 10k hours without losing a character once, when all my friends had already lost one. Then it happened to me, now I have a char on every map and a trade mule that does off server trades.

You learn to make more than one of that special dino, and you have several bp's of the same thing.

It IS sad it has to be that way, but as of RIGHT NOW. there is no other game out there that for ME at least scratches the same itch.

Until that is found I will still sit here and bleed my sanity into Ark.

I am loving Gen2 I have to admit that. The servers are the WORST of any initial DLC launch, even gen1 wasn't this bad.

However there is a lot that I like about gen2. I'm just hoping they smooth things out. I know I'm delusional but it's all I have 😂

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I feel your pain. Ever since the summer bash update I have been experiencing a fatal error issue when trying to launch my saved games. So, for now I cannot even launch my saved games. Maybe, just maybe, they might fix not only the fatal error crashing but the other game breaking issues that introduced to the game that many others are having issues with right now. But, honestly, knowing wildcard I am probably reaching for the stars with that. Still one can dream right?

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