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Optimization issue with tropical crystal wyvern?

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I have a 1070 8gb and any time I use the special tropical crystal wyvern attack my FPS sinks from 60 to below 30. I haven't been able to find a clear fix for this yet but it seems really stupid that a water breath attack could cause such horrendous and unplayable fps drops. if anyone has a solution do please tell me.. otherwise I may have to uninstall and wait for ark 2, it's insane that a simple breath attack drops frames by over 30-40 with settings turned down as well.

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5 hours ago, Baume said:

Main problem is the code itself, it will only get worse and worse as time goes since their UE4 custom version is from 2014 and they probably won't update it. To me the only thing you can do is lower graphisms, I don't even understand how a glowing PNG can even make your game lag this much tbh

If this assumption is correct I have very little hope for Ark2. I have a strong feeling good clean codeing is not a strongpoint of Ark for all the repeating or re-introduced bugs time after time.
To me it seems the priority is more high quality dino models than performance.

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