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Lost Island map.


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Most of us has heard about the new map coming soon™

I was wondering others views as personally i would love it to be a 'primitive' map up to metal tier but without any tek, including 'tek creatures' (manas, space things etc) just a proper ark original dino map. I love the convenience of tek, but i would love to go back to a dinosaur game, not sci-fi space shooter, which is impossible to play on official now.

I don't know if i'm alone on this thought, but does anyone else share this view?

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Hi @Yggdrassil, I take it from your post that there are no primitive plus official servers? 

Honestly I personally don't know. I haven't been to an official server for like 2 years or so, maybe a little more. This makes it hard to follow up. I have seen your posts elsewhere and those I have read, found it to bring an interesting view on topics.

With that said, since I play on a private server, unofficial but fully vanilla (not even 2x rates), having tek or not is something I can set up on my end. I can't play without Tek as I love it and its part of my "Transformers G1" vibe, but when I venture into a new map I did notice I go with Metal armour and stone tech tiers.

So I can relate to some extent to the question you make, but I will obviously go full tek eventually, always have. I love that "age progression", it is part of where my fun personally is.

So, as long as I got options to configure my servers, I am fine and it is really a non-issue to me and my friends. I remember I had a friend that wanted all annoyances gone for a month, so we removed creatures like Thyla, Pego, yornis, Microraptor, etc... It was actually nice for a change, but I did revert to vanilla. 

While I love Tek, and I hope to see the Tek Mosa eventually coming not as a skin, but as an actual spawn, there are times I do want to see them and times I could deactivate them. So I will just move the creature spawns so they don't show up. Its a boring and clumsy process really, I could go with two server options like "enable tek creatues" and "enable annoyances" as opposed to messing with each spawn manually so I could just "flip a switch" as I load up the servers for that day.

With that said, I love dinos of course and that was and still is my main driver. I really liked the new creature announced, I also liked that the other 2 will also be based off of real animals/fossil records. I was really hoping for another tyrannosaurid that could be between Giga and Rex, but Wildcard has been positively surprising me for the past 18 months, so I will defer to their judgement. I do prefer dinosaurs as opposed to mammals though, nothing against them either, but I cannot ever have enough dinosaurs. LOL.

Also, I cannot stress this point enough, but for me pesonally, I played Solo PVP, Tribe PVP and even Large Tribe PVP, as well as PVE and no offline raiding, all on official. I did so for several months and enjoyed it, but after I went unofficial, playing on our own servers, I just can't go back. To me Ark will forever provide the best experience with private servers with smaller groups, solo even. If I was younger, no job, kids and just school, then yeah, I can see myself going totally crazy with Official, but time is something I need to manage and Ark is a 24/7 job, lol.

My two cents in response to your question. Cheers!

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My advice as similar to above, if you really want that type of experience for all primitive and to customize as you wish, find a good group on here of like minded ppl, rent a server and customize it fully to your group.  Then you can change every aspect, dinos, levels, tiers engrams, etc.  Then share the cost of the server.

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I am hoping for this as well. Simply don't have a boss fight and don't allow dust or tek items to be transferred in. The game is severely lacking a primitive mode at the moment seeing as old primitive servers were not carried over from legacy and primitive plus is a complete disaster that takes 30 minutes to even load into, among many other issues. Also, now with genesis 2 you can grind a skiff, forcefield other crazy tek items in less than a day on 1x rates. Would be a great change of pace and I imagine very popular if people could transfer their characters in for primitive PvP and if they get bored they can also transfer back to the Tek maps.

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