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Cheating is getting out of control. What are you doing about it Wildcard?


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Title says it all.

The amount of cheating has  utterly exploded on official servers this month.  Far beyond what it was in the past...  Between the ESPing, aimbotting, and duping this game is getting beyond unplayable in multiplayer PvP.  It doesn't help that a good portion of these cheaters are exploiting naming conventions so they appear to have no name, confounding reports.

What the heck are you doing about it Wildcard?  Are you going to just let what remains of this game burn and slide into a big pile of steaming crap?  It sure seems like it.

Your inaction and silence is not encouraging, and sales of your next game are going to suffer because of it.





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They seem to report taking a lot of action against cheaters, i cant find the post but if it true, then it would could be much worse. I think someone needs to go back the board and come up with effective solutions to this problem because as you have said, online pvp is beyond playable.

Unless the answer to the problem was, ark 2? 

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34 minutes ago, lealul said:


play unofficial pve 

That's not solution.  Not even in the same ballpark.

Start hardware banning.  Most of these turds are either too stupid, or too lazy to spoof their hardware.

Maybe with this newest patch we'll get a small break while the little turds are too afraid to use their cheat software until it's updated or confirmed to still be undetected.

Wildcard carries a lot of the responsibility here...

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