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Strider mining yield


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To the best of my knowledge and minimal testing, no, melee damage does not affect yield. Which does make sense, in the same way that our own melee doesn't affect the damage of our guns.
As for what to level, I'd say it's a matter of preference:
Charge capacity is an obvious QoL, but can easily be achieved with a couple of batteries in its inventory instead.
Weight is likewise a possible benefit, to hold secondary resources while the main one gets sent on to the tek box, but how much this actually benefits you is situational. Might get more value here on a high level, I'm guessing.
Speed is also a possibility, and again a different flavor of QoL. They can harvest the area all around them in no time flat, but they're quite slow getting from one spot to the next, so speed definitely is viable too.

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Thanks for much for posting your experiences with the Stryder , I've been wondering the same thing myself!


Also, a nice fix for the speed is to pick up the resource extracter rig who also has the backpack equipped up with a Tek Skiff. Be warned building any objects on the Stryder may cause it to be unable to be picked up. But I found this was really awesome for flying it around the map (especially space) for resource gathering. It can be a bit annoying playing with it and the Skiff but it saves time.

Also, movement speed is really solid. putting 10-20 point (I usually cap myself at 15, though when i finally get around to doing every mission i think I'll put every point into a high level one just for fun:P ) into it gets a really nice speed boost, although it doesn't affect the zero gravity "swimming" that dinos do. Oxygen(Which stryders DO NOT have) would make them "Swim" faster.


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