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Gargoyle Creature Idea



For my first post on here, I’d figure I’d test out my creature design skills; this isn’t necessarily a SERIOUS creature suggestion, and is not for the lost island as it is a fantasy critter. Just a fun little thought exercise. Modders and designers out there; I’m cool with you using the idea if you want btw!


so… here goes Gargoyle (you’re free to give critique/comments about Gargy boy in the comments here! Just don’t treat it TOO seriously.)


Species: Gargoyle

Time: Holocene

Diet: Carnivore

Temperament: Aggressive


Wild: Sitting atop high castle rises and crouching inside of dank caverns, the Gargoyle has very mysterious origins that may even lie outside creation by the overseers. While in its dormant state, a Gargoyle appears to be made out of stone, much like the mundane statues it is named for. 


Once an enemy draws too near to a dormant gargoyle, the gargoyle will awaken, although this process may take a few seconds, enough for smarter prey to escape what would otherwise be a quick and painful death by the jaws of this beast. Once awakened, however, they are harder to escape. Their wings unfurl as they prepare to swoop down upon their enemies in vast number.


Domesticated: While the ways to acquire a gargoyle are by no means easy, it may prove itself to be a very versatile tame once acquired. The gargoyle is incredibly loyal to its master, and depending on its magical core, has great armor to boot! It’s plethora of skills are sure to amaze anyone.


Abilities: The gargoyle can fly, swoop, dive, and claw its way to victory, sensing nearby enemies with its astonishing hearing and being able to work as an alarm much like a Parasaur can. That’s not all this creepy creature can do! It can also turn to stone, making it immune to most attacks, buffs/debuffs, and hunger. However, this is not always recommended, considering it cannot regenerate health, benefit from buffs, eat food, or move or attack in this state. Its stone form is also vulnerable to attacks that can damage stone, causing it to lose health by a mere pickaxe hitting it… it’s especially vulnerable to roll rats, by the way. It’s other special ability is known as ‘soul drain’! Once a Gargoyle fells an enemy in battle, it’s core will absorb the soul of the creature, healing it all the whole giving it a buff to speed, attack, and health regen for a little bit! This ability does not stack and can only become active again after it wears off, meaning that, no, you cannot just constantly have soul drain on your gargoyle. The gargoyle is also quite powerful, being able to hit very hard and fly fast! Oh, and it’s very good at reducing inventory weight, has great weight, and CAN carry dinos.


Taming: The Gargoyle has a very… strange way to tame it. First, one must unlock an engram for a ‘Gargoyle Core’. This will put a permanent primitive gargoyle core into the players inventory, not disappearing upon death. This core will act like a blueprint. To build what the core is blueprinting, one must collect ‘Gargshard’ from dormant Gargoyles. This is done by donning full gillie armor, sneaking up behind a wild dormant gargoyle, and mining it. The gargoyle will wake up, but during that waking up process you can still mine it before deciding to RUN, because it will NOT be happy this is a VERY risky quest to undergo, because while as powerful any tamed gargoyles are, wild gargoyles are ALSO a whole hell to deal with. Once enough Gargshard is acquired, a Gargoyle can be crafted! Yes, CRAFTED! Once crafted, it will spawn in its dormant form, tamed, and ready for the player to wake it up… except, if you used your engram gargoyle core… it will always spawn at level 10 with the natural armor of a primitive saddle.


… What?


That’s right! Gargoyle cores, which can spawn in loot crates, have varying levels of quality! The natural armor and level of your gargoyle entirely depend on the quality of its core, and as with any other item quality, the better the core, the more Gargshards you will need. Non-engram cores will be used up upon creation of a Gargoyle.


Here’s a list of Gargoyle core qualities and their respective levels!


Primitive: 10 with the armor of a primitive saddle.


Ramshackle: 30 with the armor of a ramshackle saddle.


Apprentice: 60 with the armor of an apprentice saddle.


Journeyman: 100 with the armor of a journeyman saddle.


Mastercraft: 150 with the armor of a mastercraft saddle.


Ascendant: 200 with the armor of an ascendant saddle.


Now that the main thing is done, here’s a TLDR;


Gargoyle Pros:

-No saddle needed

-Natural armor

-When landed, one can toggle the option to make the Gargoyle dormant. This will make it immune to damage, debuffs, and hunger drain via turning it to stone. It can also be set to aggressive in this mode to make it into a sort of ‘Guard-goyle’, like a buried reaper on aggressive. 

-Senses MOVING enemies like a 24/7, short-ranged tek helmet.

-Can dive like a gryphon

-Can fly

-Reduces the weight of stone, Crystal, and other rocky stuff in inventory.

-High weight

-High damage

-High health

-Decent speed

-Gets a temporary buff upon killing something. This buffs regenerates health, increases damage dealt, and increases speed.

-Does a scream with the c button (it’s not that special it just sounds cool, maybe strikes fear into smaller things like a smaller yuty roar idk)

-Can carry dinos like an argy or Crystal wyvern can.

-Not too big, between size of an argy and a Crystal wyvern. Can fit into smaller spaces better!

-Can be set to turret mode to sense enemies like a Para can

-SUPER good at gathering chitin/keratin.

-Resistant to some debuffs. Debuffs that are either/or will instead have their duration reduced. For example, with a Yuty roar, you’re either afraid or not afraid. With the Gargoyle, you’re afraid, just afraid for half as long as you usually would be.



-Incredibly hard to tame. While it IS a powerful tame, this thing requires you to sneak up, full ghilly armor, behind a wild version of SAID POWERFUL TAME, and sit right next to it to mine Gargshards and pray that you can run away fast enough. THEN, to ensure it’s a good tame, you have to search all over through a bunch of lootcrates to find a good quality Gargoyle core, get more Gargshards because said good quality core ain’t cheap, and THEN make the gargoyle, which cannot be bred.

-While dormant, a gargoyle cannot regen health or benefit from buffs. It also is vulnerable to attacks that can break naturally formed stone (pickaxes, roll rats, ankys, etc).

-Cannot sense still enemies.

-Stamina is ehhhh

-Takes a teeny bit to wake up from its dormant state, this delay can mean a big difference in battle.

-The soul sucking buff from killing things can only be gained again after it wears off.

-Charge light forces it out of dormancy.

-Resistant to debuffs does not mean immune: it’s not put to a snails pace by a reaper cocoon like other creatures, BUT it is still slowed down.


Tameable: Yes


Rideable: Yes


Breedable: No


Stone cold killer: Yes

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