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Sinomacrops bondei - Newly Discovered - Flying Squirrel

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All expert survivors know that a little extra weight never hurts in our inventory, there is currently no tool that offers more weight to our survivor, and that is why I present to you the adorable Sin

https://nypost.com/2021/04/16/scientists-discover-new-dinosaur-and-it-is-adorable/ Newly discovered Pterosaur found in China! Looks like a flying squirrel or bat mixed with a salamander. Liv

Why do we need another shoulder pet? Fairly similar to Dimorphodon, might i add. And don't several shoulder pets already cover this ability?

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I love cutsie little shoulder pets, as much as anyone, but I swear, if this cheat gets picked, I will rip the wings off every one of them. I have chibis for "cute" now. And otters for warmth. everything else is pretty useles. As someone else said, Its basically the Arche, the most forgotten and unused thing in Ark.... 

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On 6/29/2021 at 12:51 PM, slayerwongo said:

Nexxuz idea its better than solesolosoul, Nexxuz describes the main features of the dino defining it and the other dude only put the image with no idea what to do with it.

Realy it doesnt matter who gets the credits but the idea for a dino that can works like a backpack should be enought to think about that.


On 6/29/2021 at 11:59 PM, droidcommander said:

 Rigging the  system... You have no shame do you? If this actually gets added. I'm gonna send a straight up complaint to wildcard, Because first off all the positive comments seem fake AF, Second off there were litterally no negative comments, which on it's own just puts you in a bad spot. IF this gets added I don't think the people who actually made creature concepts and people voted for without it being advertised, Will actually ever forgive wildcard or you. And again if this does get added, I hope you enjoy being the only person who actually plays the game happy with this.

If there are no negative comments, what is yours? Go cry somewhere else is a good idea because if you win it will not be exactly like in the publication of the ark you will put your hand to improve it.

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1) Ark doesn't need a new Shoulder Pet. They are worth nothing in terms of Utility and let's be honest, except the Ichty for Prime farming, if even that, nobody bothers to tame them. As much as I like solesolosouls idea, not Nexxuz, I don't think it can hold up to the competition. Though Sole seems to enjoy being boosted like that.


2) Neexuz over here does a real (I cant swear around here) move. Not only does he abuse his fanbase of little children to send them to swarm out to vote for this, he sells it as his idea. And his fans are buying it, backing him up. And he couldn't care less, he probably won't even use this new critter. He just wants to abuse his power and feel like the mightiest Ark Youtuber there is. Sorry bud, you are not even worth mentioning when thinking about the good Ark Creators on YouTube. 


3) Honestly, just look at the swarm of fans with badly translated replies defending Nexxuz! Not the idea, but this scumbag Youtuber! This is ridiculous! No shame in this man, no shame at all.


4) Please, Wildcard, take into account that this Vote is rigged to hell and back and do not let it into the top ten. Nexxuz has made this a clown show of fans running at his command and I would be dissapointed if good suggestions with thought put into them would get burried under this mess.

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