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Official PvP day one Ark veteran's review of Genesis part two

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Through the years many of us have played with interest and intrigue as new content was released. Whether it was a new tame, new map, new items or even a patch that introduced dino utilities. All of which has kept us playing regardless of cheater's in all their forms and varied preferred methods.. but the release of gen2 has proven to be a new challenge for the player base with issue after issue plaguing the community. 

The issues:
Voidwyrms - continue to committe suicide after interacting with you, they randomly flee heading towards the center of the void releasing acid killing all in its wake after arrival.
Missions - continue to randomly delete from your completed list after a successful run.
Missions - low frame rate servers will find it impossible to complete races with the limited time available especially with the beta and alpha difficulty. 
Missions - pretty much copy and pasted from gen1 with a higher requirement overall for boss eligibility. 
Shadowmane - Hit box fails to interact with structures correctly causing them to drastically twitch in all directions when standing on anything other than the natural environment. 
Rockwell prime - mission goal moved in such a way that the whole tribe needs to have every mission completed in order for the fight to be a tribe activity.
Rockwell prime - many missions impossible to complete for those unlucky enough to be affected by low frame rate servers. 
Rockwell prime - too easy, Gamma can be beaten with two low level r-reaper kings and the spawned fed tek armor SOLO.
Rockwell prime - does not OFFER any NEW engrame's other than the EXO-mek. 
Structures - with the end official maps and large content when people was hoping for a new structure tier.. a fed tek structure tier as teased both by comment "Tek is 2020 fed is  2021" and by image of the tek crop plot getting renamed to federation crop plot and then reverted back to just plain tek. 
Servers - Gen2 map disappearing from the list entirely for large period of time while also failing to allow people to stay connected for any amount of time. 
Servers - constant multiple disconnects while simply trying to join. 
Map biome - rockwell's garden isn't as dark and dangerous was we was lead to believe.
Map biome - Not as vast as we was lead to believe with only one section of both rings explore-able, multiple segments could of held individual biome's with varying effects and dangers according to the ring they reside in. 
Tames - there are more map specific pre-existing dino variants compared to map specific unique tames.
Basilisk - no ability to breed them even though this is now the last major update of ark 1
Rock drakes - no ability to breed them even though this is not the last major update of ark 1 making it now irrelevant due to new tames and abilities.
fertile eggs - designs remain to be a copy and paste of other eggs, even the variant tames do not have a variant fertile egg linked to them.

All of these issues and more still persist after seven months of repeated delays prior to launch. Making you really consider was the map and wait really worth the time and money.
Personally i would not recommend getting the season pass for gen1 and gen2 because of these issues alone.

If you have yet to get the season pass and have been considering it, i recommend you move on and save your money for a different game. this update as been a huge let down despite the hype built around it leading to many of the gen2 maps being completely empty.

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