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Community Crunch 274: Introducing Lost Island, Amargasaurus, and More!

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Please WC, make this final map where all the real dinos could be found on a single map!

My new dino suggestion would be australopithecus. A smart animal that travels in small tribes and can use primitive weapons, this creature can make strategic attacks against human players and capable of giving single player survivors a small taste of pvp warfare.

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Can't wait to tame the Ermahgerdasaurus.

Please make this a primal only map even if it has to be separate from the other maps. Real dinos only and no tek 🙏

Good work adding this mod map in. The modder stole the map of Tamriel and passed it off as their own work. Should've picked Fjordur instead.

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Homo neanderthalensis or at least some missing link. Aggressive, in packs, can farm and carries mainly up to stone materials. Some leaders may have steel loot they've foraged .  Pretty much non speaking NPCs. But you can barter with them for crops, tools, and occasionally rare loot. Saving them from attacks will earn loot, you can raid their camps, but they will all attack you. And they are at least twice as strong, fast, and endure compared to regular human survivors. Men, women, leaders. Maybe they have occasional tames too. 

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I would love you to introduce the Acrocanthosaurus atokensis is the only known species of the extinct genus Acrocanthosaurus of allosauroid theropod dinosaur that existed in the middle of the Cretaceous period, approximately between 125 and 99.6 million years ago, during the Albiense, [1] in what Today is North America. His skills would be that it makes a roar that increases life and endurance, and I would place it in the mountains or in the forests


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I would suggest the Masiakasaurus, because of the unique jaw that is has teeth protruding outwards. Its main attack could be a quick bite that would have a three second bleed.  The secondary attack would be a larger bite that would leave a broken bone effect akin to that of a Carno.


The other creature I would recommend would be the Qianzhousaurus, which is unique for it's very long snout. Its main attack could be a normal bite, with the second being a upgraded version of the Megalosaurus mouth carry (The dino would not have the same nocturnal buff).


I just thought these dinos were pretty unique, and wanted to put them out there.

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I’d like it very much if you added One my favorite mammal in The Ice age, This animal could high 1.6 meters and he was the best land hunter of his time, Scienties Mostly compare them with hippopotamuses and bears and they could eate or hunt basilosaurus, and Some scienties say that be puse or them, terror bird disappeared in many parts of earth image.jpeg.1022c25b73dfa0149142313c192a09ce.jpeg

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Sorry but this is bulpoop! 
Why are there new map coming out, if genesis 2 is unplayable! 
Why cant you fix one map for once before releasing new one!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????????????? 
God damn it, so many delays, and still Its impossible to play, pings is 250.
Crashes is every 30-40 min. 
Waiting for server turning back on takes about 20min. 
wtffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff is that!? :@ :@ 
I had lost so many stuff because of crashes, dinos. 

Please fix this nonsense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
If it could be possible i would ask for refund, i feel ripped off. 
937 is that nightmare server, please save your nerves do not play there!!

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16 hours ago, metroxide said:

I Would like to see onchopristis on new lost island DLC because it would fit very well in a map like that. Onchopristis would be a nice new fish on lake or river, where spino reigns. Onchopristis would also be neutral with humans but not to means about other fish. Because of his size it would be tamable and have only one attack (his saw) with an usefull ability: get most of meat than other aquatic creatures. Onchopristis would get prime fish even from a coelecanth! To mention that it wouldn't be strong for battle and running away from other aquatic animals. My opinion is that a fish like this would be veeery nice for a map like lost island! At your choise Wildcard, bye!





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17 hours ago, metroxide said:

I would also like two very important requests. the first, a community name for the console, could you add the ability to put mods on ps4 and xbox too? please, that would be great. the second, much more important and urgent, please take out that damn host barrier! I don't know how it is on the pc but on the console there is no way to remove that horror. When my friends come to play with me, no one can stand that barrier and they can't go wherever they want on the map. Ark is probably one of the best survivors around and with the addition of this truly revolutionary modification, especially the ability to have a liking the limits imposed by the host barrier. I beg you!


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13 hours ago, Coopdog2 said:

Hey WildCard I’m not sure if you will see this so please upvote this post but I would like for the missions on Gen1 to give the same amount of points as they used to because ever since gen2 came out the point amount given for any mission has now been reduced from 1.0 to 0.1 and that means that we are getting 10x less points than before so a mission giving 1000 points now only gives 100

thank you for reading


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i would like to see the extinct animal andrewsarchus added.it is a big fierce carnivore that i think would be a good fit to the carnivore mammels.its saddle should have bags on it simmilar to the hyenadon but its ridable.it should have and ability where it can lock on to enemies and keep them still with its jaws.it should also have the break bones affect like the carno and the male megaloceros.its normal bite should do massive damage along with its other abilitys.the creature should focus on strength and tanking and should be good for bosses


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On 6/25/2021 at 8:42 PM, Sansa said:

HELL no... How boring! Sorry, not sorry. Seriously

Its a good idea, many people got into this game because of the wildlife, not because of the over the top tek poop. Some of us like challenging and grounded gameplay, not lasers and super suits. Don't diss on someone's good idea just because it doesn't fit your vision. Keep your poop ass opinions to yourself sAnSa(dumbest character in GoT)

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Creature Idea-
A Bull
Named Moschel
inspired by the Latvian God of Dairy - it wants Gift parcels of milk !!
tamed through domestication - domestication taming is both passive and aggressive - needs to be in a pin - grass fed - as passive taming meter goes up one has to ride the Bull outside of the pin - similar to the Equus yet will cause damage to player while riding/taming - the pin is a crafted/engram  - half meter in pin other half ridden

the effectiveness of the bull (Male and Female) 
Male - can pull a wagon - requires 3 engrams -  first is wheel (wheelbarrow) - second engram reigns - third the wagon - mid size 2x2 platform - 2 walls high 
Female - can produce milk and a prerequisite in pinning a male - mate attraction

mid game tame - smallest platform saddle in game

bonus feature - has RTS like point and click travel - players direct travel while not being saddle on creature

pro - enables mobility - survival is rooted in mobility - can craft on wagon - smithy forge mortar pestle etc while traveling - solo player

cons - not having direct control over it - non traditional saddle  control
wagon takes water damage - fording through water lowers durability of wagon and will cause it to break

  bonus pro/con 2 Bulls can pull one wagon - M/F greater range of RTS like travel, M/M greater mobility speed, either or increase durability of wagon.

the wheel barrow is a required engram- enables a solo/single player/character to place items to reduce player weight - drains stamina 

the Bulls -M/F both have trade offs on being useful in attack/defense situations - mate boost - males melee increase - females health increase   

downside - can be cornered - players attacking the wagon/creatures can cause the reigns to break - stranding the wagon in place  - causes the bull(s) to flee for a duration - only specific creatures can cause it to happen

male - horns can be used to make swamp fever cure
female - milk can be used to lower taming duration of certain creatures
plus - Equus can be wagon saddled - requires 4 per wagon - boost speed - lowers durability - Equus can be saddled independent off of wagon yet strands it in place - quick escape 

 bull can be mated - mutations - 

bulls unclaimed while attached to wagon will remain attached yet player loses control over where the wagon goes

Second creature - A Ram
not much though put into it similar to bull but without the wagon 

Third creature -  a skin walker - able to temporally transform from a hominid to other various creatures of the Ark - has cool down dependent on transformed creature - naturally cloaked as a hominid 

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Posted (edited)

As per the first post, suggestion need to be posted here, and only here: https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/forums/forum/22940-lost-island-creature-submissions/


Do you have your own idea for what prehistoric creature should be added to Lost Island?  We're looking for your input!  Check out the thread below for guidelines!


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