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Community Crunch 274: Introducing Lost Island, Amargasaurus, and More!

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Can't wait to tame the Ermahgerdasaurus.

Please make this a primal only map even if it has to be separate from the other maps. Real dinos only and no tek ūüôŹ

Good work adding this mod map in. The modder stole the map of Tamriel and passed it off as their own work. Should've picked Fjordur instead.

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Fasolasuchus Tenax- the biggest archosaur, nearly as long as a T. Rex!

Running- Bipedal

Walking- Quadrupedal

Territory- Amphibious

Armored spine- has a row of osteoderms running down its spine

While running its primary attack could be a stunning chomp, secondary could be a tail swipe.

I think it would be cool if this had two saddle types, a smithy one that let it operate as usual, and a fabricated one.

The fabricated saddle would have tank style turrets on either side that would consume rockets and be operated by individual players while a driver would sit on the top. While equipped with this saddle, the Fasolasuchus would be stuck in quadrupedal mode and would lose the stunning chomp capability but would receive increased armor.


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I try to give you various ideas for the new dino (I'm very excited !!), if you want to make a carnivorous dinosaur you could do the Siamraptor, because it would add a new dinosaur the size of a Carno-raptor. but I would be happy to see some new extinct mammals, perhaps glacial. it should also be mentioned that it would be interesting to have another large dinosaur that rules rivers and lakes, such as the already famous deinonichus or others. I hope it has been a little useful to you!

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Hi, I am Evan age 13.  I drew this acrocanthosaurus design for the competition.  The acro should be about as big as the rex.  It is tameable by stealing it's eggs from nests in the swamp and desert.  The acro is highly agressive towards players.  I would like it to have a sleep option like the shadowmain.  It can do extra damage to sauropods like the bronto and diplo as well as a roar that can scare the new amargasaurus.  If this is to much that is ok.    And by the request of my friend anthony make it run fast.   https://docs.google.com/document/d/1CyQ0QNuy7hn4YG4mOwTx9AGo7hR3tid2ekTCdwLMudM/edit

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The arapaima's bigger and scarier prehistoric brother. fresh water dweller.

Gnashing bite as primary. sense arapaima are known to leap out of the water and batter things with their armored head, perhaps this can leap out of the water performing stunning strikes on creatures near the water edge? If the target is under a certain size it can lungfish-style scoot back into the water, dragging its prey with it? This would give it limited dry-land survival like the stingray.


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15 hours ago, TalonStrike said:

Id love to see Ceratosaurus, somewhere between the size of a carno and magalosaurus a little slower then the carno. Since its jaws were better for meat slicing and not great for bone maybe make it really good at gathering meat maybe even gather raw meat from living prey unless you turn of gather and a charge up bite attack that can cause bleed equal to the giganotosaurus for 3 - 5 sec charge up takes 5 seconds, timer starts from scratch if interrupted. Lives in dense forest and red wood type habitats its slightly narrow body making it adept at running between dense trees. taming knock out with tranqs loses torpor about as fast as a spino tames with prime meat or  Extraordinary kibble regular raw meat has no effect (will eat any meat from troth after taming). saddle 1 person cannot use weapons while riding  


I like this idea, but since Ceratosaurus had such long teeth I think it should have the Ravagers GNASHED effect. I feel like too many carnivores have a bleed, & this could be a cool alternative.

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Pliosaurus Funkei

Big brother to Liopluerodon

some form of speed burst due to these being quick predators and maybe the ability to grab other creatures?


Maybe make it look more lie this:


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Hey WildCard I’m not sure if you will see this so please upvote this post but I would like for the missions on Gen1 to give the same amount of points as they used to because ever since gen2 came out the point amount given for any mission has now been reduced from 1.0 to 0.1 and that means that we are getting 10x less points than before so a mission giving 1000 points now only gives 100

thank you for reading

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