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Community Crunch 274: Introducing Lost Island, Amargasaurus, and More!


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Also at this point, if a map has potential or creature mod such as Glacius, Fjiordur, Ark Additions, Additional Creatures, Prehistoric Beasts, or the TLC mods, I think the devs should add them, even if they have to be balanced out a little more. More creatures and maps adds way more diversity to the game, even though it doesn't lack any. OR implement many of these creatures to Ark 2. 

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Not gonna lie, "Lost Island" is a dumb name, and I'm calling it now : noone is really ever gonna call it that because players like to avoid confusion as much as possible (you should try it sometimes). I guess most people are just gonna call it "Lost" probably ? So might as well update your art.
Your description mentions new biomes but all I can see so far is biomes we've already seen half a dozen times... Jungle ? Redwoods ? Swamp ? Volcano ? Snow ? Mkay, revolutionary stuff here. 
Maybe it's because I was expecting Fjördur or Tiamat, which are so interesting to explore and come up with actual new biomes and even new assets... but this is not very exciting for now. Hopefully further screenshots as we get closer to release will be more exciting.
This being said, the style of the ruins on your first/cover picture for this new map is really cool. Lost could be very unique if it retained that Mayans-like theme ! It'd look like its own world instead of a patchwork of Island and Ragnarok.

Will it come with a new building tier ? We haven't had a new building tier since Scorched Earth. Some mod devs are creating their own, maybe they could be brought onboard like other types of mod devs have been in the past ? CKF & CKF:SF come to mind, but eco also has great structures (her Empire series is full of nice, original stuff, though it might need work to become modular...), Hulk too... :) I don't know, think about it. Please ? 

I'm also excited about THREE new REAL creatures ! The Amargasaurus looks super cool, and since it was on my wishlist for dinos, I'm excited. Once again, whoever is designing dinos these days deserve a raise, you can tell by the patterns on its neck and back that this is coming from the same person or people who worked among other things on X and R variants, which are some of the best looking creatures in the game. Give them a raise, a month off for the summer, and when they're back, a job on ARK2 !
I don't fully understand what the Amar does (and whether it'll be something useful in PvE), and not even really how it's tamed. But that'll come later, no doubt. I just hope it's not a nightmare taming mechanic, as has been the case with many Gen2 creatures. I'm fine with taming it with Amar...berries  ^_^;

Lastly, I want to say thank you for involving the community in deciding 1 of the 3 upcoming creatures, especially since they have to be real and not sci-fi/fantasy. That's really something I wish had happened more often during Ark1's lifespan.
The most complicated part will be to pick which of the dinos on my wishlist I'll submit ! Can we submit more than one ? ^_^;

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4 hours ago, MayaPatch said:

Sorry but is not WC fault if Fjordur didn't become a free dlc map.

It's up to the mod devs to decide if sell or not the map on which they're working. Nekatus said clearly he was not going to sell Fjordur (he totally didn't like how Valguero was treated). And indeed he keeps updating the map pretty often and with his own content.

Selling a map to be official means you have to give up to your original project and Fjordur has tons of DLC contents. It means WC has to cut over than half of the stuff in that map making another boring Valguero 2.0 


Also, is never good saying bad stuff on other people. The person that worked on that map answered to this accusations. 

But I read on twitter he want be a official map: 


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I would absolutely love to see the cryolophosaurus, it can have an “attack” or move similar to the daeodons passive healing where it sends out energy waves and can actually negate the effects of the yutyrannus’s fear roar, it can be upgrade by leveling oxygen, each upgrade increases the radius, and if u upgrade enough it might even be able to free the darnos from the Yuty’s control, just my suggestion

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I would propose the following to be introduced:

1) Fixobugosaurus - once tamed it instantly fixes all the gamebraking bugs that you won't be reimbursed for.

2) Serveroverhauluropod - Has a global effect on the server network. Once tamed, you can actually connect to the servers and play the DLC you payed for, with surprising ping under 100 and a lag-free experience.

Genesis 1 and 2 were a total rip-off. Official servers are a mess. Ignorance is bliss, I guess.

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5 hours ago, LostIsland said:

the map is similar in silhouette, but nothing more, since I have already done the rest of the landscape with my hands. I think this should not be a problem, even the silhouette is not 100% similar, it will also be done approximately.

We will just have to wait and see what Microsoft owned Bethesda has to say about it.

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This dino will be be based of yuty/allo it's larger than both but smaller than a rex

This dino will have the ability of shredding any armor with it's strong jaws. It will also have a special reduction to bullets.

It'll have a bleed attack with it's charge bite similiar to deinosuchus. It will also have a roar which can used to control nearby Allosaurs if any, Similar to yuty.

Taming:- It can be tamed by knockout or passive tame. For knockout tame one have to shoot at it, the more damage it'll take the more torpor it'll gain, and once it knocked out u can feed it normally!

For passive tame:- You have to feed it when it's attacking ur tame, but after first feed it'll start running away from u and ur tames. And every nearby dinos from dodos to titanosaur will start attacking it! You have to safe it from them in order to tame if u successfully save it u'll get a buff named Survival Bond which will work similarly to imprint buff after taming, After saving it u can feed it normally and it'll just wander around and will come back to u once it's hungry for it's another feed!


images (26).jpeg

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Hey! Hope this is the right place to submit creatures ideas, lol I find the forums kinda tricky to navigate. Nevertheless, I got a creature I think would be an amazing addition to the roster, Hybodus Invictus!







"Hybodus Invictus is a verocious and adaptable predator, swimming upstream and terrorizing waterbodies normally unreachable to such a creature.


To aid in its inland invasion, Hybodus Invictus has developed the ability to breach out of the water, attacking other fauna -including humans- and slowly dragging them back to the abyss with it, where they almost assuredly meet a gruesome death. Never let your guard down!




One must either be extremely brave or stupid to try and tame a Hybodus, however it appears several survivors have dared such an ordeal. From what I'm told, one must feed the beast meat while it attempts to drag them away, and pray that it isn't too hungry.


Large enough to ride but small enough to fit in tight, otherwise unreachable places, and even travel across small distances on land to reach a new waterbody, Hybodus makes an excellent scouting mount. Additionally, an unmounted Hybodus can be used to ambush enemies off the shoreline and drag them to their deaths."

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