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Lost Island: Creature Submission Guidelines

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Have you ever wanted to see one of your favorite real-word prehistoric creature added to ARK?  You're just in luck!  For the upcoming Lost Island map, we'll be adding 3 new creatures and we're looking for your community input on the final one!

Throughout the years we've seen some great fan made dossiers and art of creatures you'd like to see added to ARK. Now is the time to dust off those notebooks! Use your creativity in your creature submission. While we may not adopt all of your gameplay ideas, we will certainly be looking at and considering everything that's submitted. Show us what abilities this creature might have, what it may look like, and how you see it fitting into the current ARK meta. Feel free to use Wikipedia links and references to help with your pitch. 


  • One thread per creature
    • If someone has already made a thread with your creature suggestion, feel free to upvote the thread and post your own ideas and thoughts into that existing thread
  • Must be a real-world extinct/prehistoric creature (dinosaurs, mammals, reptiles, etc)
  • Developers are disqualified from posting their own ideas
  • Supplemental information (wiki links, images, art) is preferred.

You have until July 23rd to get all of your ideas in!  After July 23rd, we'll round up the most liked 10 creatures and complete a vote.  We're looking forward to seeing your ideas!


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