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Advice about Tribe management

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I'd like to change my Island Map tribe on to be a newb/solo player helper tribe.

There ADMIN permissions in a tribe are not something I've messed with.

I want to segregate the base/tame/resources permissions to allow them:

Access, but not build/edit/destroy for a primary tribe base.

Access to certain crafting benches, containers, and cryopods... but not edit/destroy.

And restriction from certain tames.

My goal is to provide a safe place to start and facilitate their first boss fights.

What kind of setup in the Tribe do you recommend?

If you have any screen shots of your management screen that help explain your method, that would be groovy.



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From my understanding with management you can assign ranks 0 through 10, with admin being 10+. Ranks can access anything ranked at or below their number. So if you set up an area where everything is rank 3 but have your private or extra supplies in a rank 10 building, they will only be able to access the rank 3 building.

You can have as many ranks as you like, but I've seen most big tribes set 3 as the lowest and 8 as the highest without being admin. Tames, dinos, structures etc can all be set to different ranks manually. You can even have one big building where certain rooms are different ranks, just make sure the structures are a high rank so they cannot be destroyed etc. I definitely recommend pincodes also, if you make all vaults high rank you should, in theory, be able to distribute pincodes and make lockers for each person. If this doesnt work a second tribe with pinned vaults works well too.

You should be able to make it so they cannot destroy structures, I believe its something along the lines of "admin only" demolish in the rank or tribe settings. Certain settings can prevent cryopodding of tames etc.

My personal suggestion would be to have two separate bases or buildings. One with your supplies that only you or admins can access, and one that your new players/solos can visit for help or free access for what you're helping them with. This will help to prevent stealing or unintentional use of things you don't want them touching. (You will probably also be able to tell if they are snooping.) 


Anyway I hope this is useful, I'm not at home so I can't take screenshots of tribe ranks and settings.


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