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Last I did it like less than a year ago I was able to throw out a giga from a cryopod inside the entrance of the cave on official pve. Even at that time people were saying it was patched and you couldnt do it anymore, but I did it no problem. Now the bringing out the giga towards the end of the cave I was not able to do at that time. I believe it to be the same as it was when I last did this fight personally.

But as HUD said above me here, whistling a quetz from a chair on its back and doing the fight with no dinos, just tek suit and shotguns works wonderfully. Did alpha that way.

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Did it twice with the giga set up, podding it back up at the end of the initial cave, last year on official. Was running a trial set up today and wouldn't let me anywhere near the cave entrance with a cryopod on SP. Sorry I should've mentioned it was the Xbox SP version so Maybe it's a SP only type thing. 

The quetzal solution while sounding intriguing also sounds like a recipe for disaster in my inept hands 🙂



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