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How do we access the Hexagon exchange in Gen 2 to see items?

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The buy engram feature is nice for the new character... but once you get situated, you get so many BPs that one mindwipe will free up more than most will ever need to dedicate.


Hey... just had a thought... does a mindwipe return all engram points you have accumulated(from level and Hex purchases), or does it reset your points to spendable levels???


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Hey, I also want to add that it just doesn't make sense to not have the full store from the get go.

Considering the level of  loot in the supply drops and having a Tek Suit... the full shop is just a nice convenience.  Just this morning, I flew around to 2 drops, got a bunch of cement past, poly, obs, a master rex saddle, and a few decent BPs.

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21 hours ago, Herbapou said:

Ok its weird then because I was able to access the item store yesterday on Gen 2 and now its only engrams.  So you are saying what I saw yesterday was bug, lol. 

It hasnt been activated since a couple hours after gen2 launched. I was playing when the patch happened. If you dont play official then idk maybe it can be turned back on by the server admin.

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