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Pressing R1 while while building causes player to punch

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System: PS5 

Client: 690.3

Steps to reproduce:

1. Lay down a fence foundation.

2. Select a second fence foundation. While the second foundation is green line it up with one of the snap points on the first foundation.

3. Press R1.

Expected result: the second foundation should cycle through the snap points on the first foundation.

Actual result: The player punches, or attacks with equipped weapon. This causes the player to move and while it does cycle to the next snap point, the movement of the attack is enough to reset the snap point back to the first. Because getting to the right snap point can sometimes take many R1 presses, this has made it impossible to implement some of the building techniques that ARK usually allows (e.g. lining up fence foundations uphill).

Thank you! I hope this helps!




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