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Hunt Mission - how to apply torpor


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Hi there,

I am quite confused on how to beat those, even on Gamma difficulty. I've seen Youtube-videos with people using TEK-bows, but on my server we are level 40-90, so nobody can use any TEK-stuff and I can't beleave you need TEK to beat the gamma difficulty.

We tried using Cross Bows, but they are quite inefficient, take tons of tranq arrows and need to be repaired here and there. So... what's the way to go here? WHat are we suppose to do?

And as last point: It says that the mission will not take place in the genesis simulation, but what does it mean? It's the same map and even after starting the mission we can still go to our base and do stuff.

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Get better crossbows or longnecks than primitive quality to make your life easier.  Assuming you're playing Gen2 only...

Velonasaur Stalk mission can award crossbows on any difficulty, Shadowmane Prowl for longnecks

Longnecks also come from Red/Cyan/Orange supply drops

Additionally, if you're on a server that has increased the max wild dino level, that makes all the torpor missions harder.  I was on a server with 600 max wild level and they were basically impossible unless you used modded op tranq arrows/darts

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4 hours ago, Tician said:

Is there any source? A list of drops regarding the current color would be quite nice (I know they correspond to the resource you can get int he space, but I am missing a list of supply drop)

This spreadsheet is the best publicly available information.  We're waiting until the devkit of course until we have the exact drop tables, and it's very possible some mega tribes have more data internally than this.

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I've found that rate of fire can be more valuable than the amount of torpor per shot. The tek bow is obviously best for this, but a high damage compound bow with tranq arrows can perform better than a crossbow or longneck due to fire rate. The reload time on both the crossbow and longneck effectively limit the number of shots you can take within the time limit. Since you don't need to worry about killing the mission creatures (as far as I can tell) the compound bow can be a better option even though it deals less torpor per shot.

The bulbdog mission is the easiest of this mission type, gamma should definitely be possible solo with a comp bow. I'd guess beta would be as well, though both beta and alpha are soloable with a tek bow.

Maewing poach is largely dependent on the server performance. High ping and poor hit reg on poorly performing servers can make this near impossible. On a decent server gamma and beta should be possible solo. With good timing and the right distance you can get 2-3 shots off on a maewing before it flees which may be enough to net it on gamma and should be a good start on beta (depending on your weapon)

Paracer roundup is soloable on gamma/beta, the key is to focus on tranqing small groups of 2-3 at the same time, they will aggro on you once you target one so just hover above and try to rotate shots to keep them close to equal torpor.

I've found you can usually just ignore the predators spawned in as they'll only really attack a few of the targets and dealing with them just wastes time you're already short on.

Alpha is going to be tricky to solo on any of these just due to time constraints until you can get a tek bow. Even then it will still be tough to get them all down in the available time.

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