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Stryder Issues/Bugs/Taming


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When taming a stryder I have had the bonus go from 100% to 0% for no reason at all. Also randomly the taming % resets. I have also had it say I was successful on an attempt to hack but it shocks like I failed and then resets the taming % to whatever the % would be for 1 successful hack. Also I have successfully done hack and it says I failed. Literly spent over an hour on a level 50 stryder and still not tamed.

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i went through it saturday, sunday and today i tried again in stryders of level 15 and 20 and sometimes i hit the game and even so i got shocked, simply impossible along with the lag of the servers.

a tip for developers, is that it could decrease the effectiveness if you lost the game and not reset the domestication.


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I would like to say that the Tek Stryder taming puzzle game designed by dog poop has not considered the bug of the game itself when the server Ping is high? Before the progress bar came out, it was electrified and then failed. 90% of the success was achieved, and the last 10% would always get stuck in the puzzle solving game. The designed Tek Stryder taming method is not difficult, that is, the judgment and progress of the stuck will directly make you fail, and you will be guarding all day, but you will give up in the end. I don't want to continue running the ark game without improvement

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Since the last patch that "fixed" stryder taming, it's close to impossible to tame them.

After getting through most of the missions with the insane lag 250+ ping that fluctuates all over the place, Stryders should be a cake walk. Interesting tame mechanic, but why did WC think it was a good idea to make a very time sensitive mini-game required to tame these- on servers that are extremely unreliable?

If you are "lucky" enough to find an excavator Stryder after killing all the other useless variants, and have enough missions to tame it, the "fun" begins.  Hours and hours of a minigame that is broken. On our end (client side) you can 'win' over and over again- showing green and centered- just to get zapped and start over.  It literally confirms with the sound and the perfectly centered green boxes, but still zaps you and starts from zero.  The "fix" with more time to start each rotation of hacking was good i guess- but I think most people would rather tame a Stryder with 0% effectiveness than not being able to tame them at all. Additionally, people are abandoning the styder and not killing them, leaving the map with excavators that are NOT even attemptable. 

Things are getting so toxic that people are killing Styders you are actively attempting to tame, because they cant get one themselves(PVE).  People are selling the rarely tamed Stryders on on discord for 20k+ tek on non-gen2 servers.  It's beyond embarrassing on officials at this point.  

Possible solutions: 

1) Implement an autokick for users with high ping that are destroying the servers. 

2) Make the minigame a ONE HACK and you win - if you have suffered through the ping to get the missions done, it shouldn't be impossible to tame 

3) Completely change the Stryder to a normal knock out tame or simple passive tame- we are wasting countless mutagel on a tame that is nearly impossible to tame and/or have others kill it because you found it first. 

4) Open gen2 - gen2 transfers for Stryders only, with new servers that are tame-only servers. 

5) Make them able to be cloned.

Something has to be done about this tame. It's effectively REQUIRED and designed to be used for this map, but people are starting to pay real life money to trade them a lvl 20 stryder. DO SOMETHING PLEASE.  Devs- if you don't think it's a big problem - I dare you to go on any PVE official map and try it yourself. 

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4 hours ago, TR-8R said:

I think those stryder that was left on the field because someone unable to tame them should be reverted back to wild after hours without any hacking attempt .

They need to fix the taming, this is an absolutely insane waste of time to RNG lag on these servers.


Please just remove the taming reset when you fail and be done with it, this is horrendous. 

Yet another stryder that I am either going to leave wandering around or kill off because the taming process is so entirely broken, the lag is really ruining gen2.

4/5 hacks don't even make it past the very first click because  of lag. :)


Edit: after trying a bit more, even making taming progress not reset on a failure is not enough,  you  need to just make it impossible to fail.  9/10 hacks fail to lag, make it so we just can't fail or make it so we can't lag :')

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16 hours ago, PowPowPandaX said:

I'm currently taming a level 45 and noticed consistently when on the 3rd mini game it will say I was successful in the mini game but then show that I failed and reset the taming meter.  I'm on EU server 1596.  Really bad lag.  Wondering if there is a fix for it anytime soon.  

THIS exactly is what happend yesterday for me too. I was try to tame a Level 85 Stryder and each time when i was on the 3rd Hack the same happen. And we had a ping under 100. So yeah great Fix again...

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I see a rotating list of types of fails now.  

There’s the stuttering where the image starts to show then starts over and fails before it ever shows the green box.

There’s the rubber banding window where it starts moving , then pulls back and repeats right as the green box is almost lined up.  This will fail if you wait for the box,  and will fail if you click when you think the box should have reached center.

Theres the the game works,  you succeed,  it says u succeeded,  but it still shocks you and fails.

then there’s the game screen pops up ,  pauses on the blue/white initial image of the game,  then just fails.


each one of these shows up usually by the 3rd hack.  Though Sometimes it makes u think it’s gonna work and let’s u get to 90%,  only to do one of these things on the next hack.   

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Taming a Stryder is not a fun experience. I understand you don’t want to make it easy but, after playing for a number of years now, the issues with server stability and lag, you decide to make a mini-game that relies on timing!




Suggestions that could make this tedium go away –


1. Change the wandering from distance from last tame to an actual numbered distance – that way when the server ping is actually worth playing, these giant beasts just wander around in circles and the meterage doesn’t reduce.

2. When a hack is failed, don’t reset it to zero – just remove the difference between that tame and the previous – eg, getting a strider to 90% tamed then reduced to zero because of LAG is not a fun mechanic.

3. Change the taming mechanic away from a timed mini-game. Have a minigame where you need to move from one end of a circuit to another – you could plagiarize Pipe-mania as an example… if you want to add a timer to that then reduce the number of seconds based on the level of the Stryder.


Until server stability is looked into (it’s not going to be – I play on one of the new servers as the initial servers released needed an auto-clicker to actually get logged into the game)! Funnily enough, I managed to tame Stryders there but just can't do it on 1008!

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today, I finally found a stryder with a mining drill head, a low enough level to be tameable by me, and not already claimed (by that i mean, the taming hadn't already been initiated by another player). I had been looking for such a stryder for several days. filled with hope, i flew to my base and grabbed some mutagel to tame this wonderous and rare creature.

2 hours later, I gave up, leaving the stryder behind. so now, there's one more broken/untamebale stryder running around on our server. it's in very good company -- 50% of stryders are on this server can't be tamed because somebody else initiated the process, then gave up. the rest are 100+ stryders, which almost noone can tame.

i honestly feel trolled by the game devs. how could they ever think this taming mechanic was a good idea? in a lag-free environment, the minigame is ridiculously easy, you almost can't fail. however, as soon as you play on the official servers, it becomes nearly impossible to tame a stryder. during those 2 hours, there were some hacking attempts where I'd initiate and immediately fail. there were attempts where it actually looked like i succeeded, and then i'd suddenly get the message that it failed. there were attempts where the blocks didn't even show up before i failed, and attempts where the blocks started to rubberband (lol). and of course, in between, there always were those amazing forced pauses where the stryder would walk back and forth for 10 minutes straight, thus not reaching the necessary distance to even initiate new hacking attempt.

this feels like you're punishing players on official for the fact that your very own servers are laggy. the stryder loosing all progress if you fail once is just mean spirited, nothing more. if the progress wasn't reset to zero each time you fail because of lag, I would have tamed that stryder easily in those 2 hours. if you're hellbent on punishing the player for failing, maybe make it only lose 50% of the progress instead of 100%?

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This dev's need to spend a week in their laggy official servers, 264 ping full of box tribes. So they realize that this passive Taming and missions turn into a soup in this crazy laggy enviroment. I rather gather eggs in a hole full of magma with the poor spider that also turns into crap in laggy conditions than all this damn passive taming. 

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Hey ,


so i hope i am in the right topic. I just found that the Ark wiki says the styder bug is fixed. i still expierience within stryder tames that the taming effectiveness suddenly drops from 100 to 0.


I also expierience that some hacks just give 0 progress and those are the one that drop the effectiveness to 0. I am all the time with the stryder and i use the first chance to hack it. I also got some Stryders with 100% effectiveness. I could imagine that the stryder is walking close to the 0 meters needed, but scratches it only a second so that it is not available to start the hack, but the countdown is already starting?


However the lvl 45 Stryder i was trying to tame had several 0 tamingprogress hacks. Now the Stryder shows me a tamingprogress of 148% ... idk if that is connected to that issue or that is another bug. first time that one happens to me.


Anyone can confirm my expierience?

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