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Stryder Issues/Bugs/Taming

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I help run a pvp ark server and had my players report a bug where a player can infinitely pick up tek transmitters and sleeping pods from the new tek stryder. The players can then demolish these structures for large amounts of free materials. When do you see this being fixed? My fellow staff do not want to ban the new creature if the possible fix date for this is soon, since we are fine to check our server logs for a little while, but if it may take a while to fix we will have to take more drastic action. 

If you have any suggestions to how to tackle this issue without removing the stryder feel free to share.

Here is a youtube video explaining the problem: https://youtu.be/2wZYDhZO20I

Thank you!

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taming this for hours  each hack is 15% like that but when u fail hack you lose all progress that should be changed to 1 step back only  and when u on the 3rd or 4th sucess  you lose all progress coun

And with server ping is 255 all the time , hacking them is like playing guitar hero but with lag .

I tried to tame a lv 20 stryder , but after i finish the mini game , the taming bar not go up , also it shock me  . After that in the mini game , although i align the block perfectly ( line all i

Ok so clearly this is a bug or something, been here for over an hour trying to tame a level 15 Tek Stryder on a 2x taming server, only requires 3 successful hacking attempts to tame, the problem is every time you get to the final phase (or even the 2nd) despite lining up the bars and it showing as such, you get shocked and the entire process resets.


Due to this bug shocking you as if you failed when clearly you didn’t, it’s impossible to tame one.

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What in the f happened to taming stryders???? It's impossible with all the server lag and instability! i'm on my 10th attempt and getting 50+% multiple times! Why make a mini game so sensitive to Ping/Lag WildCard??


Edit: 11th attempt and 96% tamed.. THE BOXES DIDN'T EVEN SHOW WILDCARD!!!!!!!!!!!! AND I FAILED....


Edit: 12th attempt! Boxes desynced... FAILED AGAIN!


Edit: 13th attempt! Boxes didn't even show up................ NICE MINI-GAME WILDCARD


Edit: 14th attempt! Boxes didn't even show up...... AGAIN


Edit: 15th attempt! I clicked in the middle and I failed :D

Edit: 16th attempt! Boxes desynced... failed yet again!

Edit: 17th attempt! 67% and the boxes entry was delayed causing me to fail... FFS this is the worse tame WC has ever made. Whoever thought of this idea should be fired. And this "wander a bit" circle... why such a large range to wander?? I spend like 10 minutes going in circles not getting to "hack" once because the Stryder goes in full idiot mode. After hours of trying and failing because of such a faulty and bad minigame... I just killed it with Tek Rifle. RIP my time and mats! 


Like.. why such trashy server hosting for Gen2 Wildcard? This is a serious question.

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Server is constantly 200-255 ping, Even if you click properly it still fails you after turning green to show a success.

It still says 'affinity gained' if you make it through one around of the minigame but you get shocked and reset to 0% taming.


You need to make the leniency window like 15 seconds long for servers that are as plagued by lag as this one

90% of attempts go like this
1: click at right time
2: it turns green
3: it immediately turns red and says 'unexpected input' and shocks you



Also, it constantly fails you before the bars even appear on the screen. 'operation timed out' before the bars even appear.


Just spent 3 hours trying to tame a level 20, you need to either fix the lag on these servers or make the lenience window much much larger.


The lag is so bad now that I can't even get past the VERY FIRST click after 20 tries, leniency window needs to be MASSIVELY increased and the taming reset needs to be removed.

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  • Joebl0w13 changed the title to Stryder Taming

I agree, it is basically impossible unless you hit the lottery and SOMEHOW avoid the absolutely disgusting 24/7 server lag or if you are lucky enough to play on a non-laggy server.

Please just make the progress not reset on a failure so it is actually possible to tame these on the 255 ping servers, I am tired of not being able to farm element because I did not get a Stryder in the first few days of the map opening.

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Just now, Stebo1212 said:

Yes this needs to get out there cuz i was doing one today for 4 hours + to get it due to high ping make it so you feed like normal dino to fix or somthing 

Agreed, something has to change.  People keep telling me 'just click early' but the minigame fails before the boxes even appear sometimes.

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Stryder Taming is the worst thing I ve done in 6500 hours of playing ARK. 
Its no fun, its pure pain because of this random poop whats going on.

I get it that his "Distance to travel" is some sort of trap protection.. but its so f*cking random! I spend 15 minutes to walk behind it to only see it jump from <100 up to 5000 again.. and again.. and again.. there are no "unnatural" blockades.. just trees, wild dinos and cliffs..

And then when I am able to start the hack, I fail even before all the square are lined up.. 

Serious.. its pure pain for me.. I dont rage easy.. but this makes me wild..

I realy dont understand why WC makes this so related to ping, as its nothing new that when a new DLC comes out the servers are full and have between 200 and 255 ping..

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9 hours ago, Neer said:

if you are lucky enough to play on a non-laggy server.

Good with that. Found a percect farming Stryder (Modules) LvL 150.
Lost a level because effectiveness. The Server was right next to me: LAN (!)



9 hours ago, Neer said:

Please just make the progress not reset on a failure

That would be even worse. Biggest issue with the lags is, that your taming effectiveness drops.
If you can't reset, you are screwed.
Taming a Stryder is not an issue. Taming it with 100% effectiveness is.

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Once you restart the "hack", I'd be ok if I even got half of my progress back. The radius at which it needs to "wander" should be chopped by like 25% i think 6000 units or w\e you wanna call it, is a bit too much. I spend SO much time literally going in a circle around the radius. I really think Wildcard needs to take some time and revamp this taming system for the stryders

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It need to be more Patched and Balanced for sure. I thought the last Patch was for make it easier but it seems like its now even harder than before. At least a lot of ppl say this.

And its maybe just me but it feels like the Stryder Spawn is now very low compare to 3-4 Days ago. Before you could find a lot in a few Mins and now you glad when you find 2-3 in 10 Mins.

Losing 2 Stryder because they just disappear after Touch the Ground while be moving with the Skiff isnt cool too.


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Very cool creature, very neat idea behind it... but also meh.

I dont mind waiting to hack again but the wandering stuff is lame: stuck on every rock, pebble, dino, tree, etc causing it to go in circles, backtrack, etc. Just give it a timer: You hack once, you wait X amount of time before you can try again.. Have it increase/decrease the amount of time you need to wait as you see fit, but with the awful character collision, its annoying.

The body parts say removable but you cant. Why? Why not make them swappable with other stryders? Some of the combos make zero sense. Let people swap them around on their other tamed stryders...

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I have tamed several stryder but ever since the weekends patch that ‘fixed’ stryder taming, I haven’t managed to tame a single one and boy, have I tried many many times!! The box goes red and zaps me before they even come up or do 3 hacks perfect and says I did got successful but still zaps me and returns to 0 taming affinity. 

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  • Kickazztexan changed the title to Not being able to tame striders do to delay.

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