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Getting tired of creatures falling through the floor..

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So Since Gen2 came out I have lost 2 ankys and 3 stryders all to the skiff tractor beam glitching or something while carrying the dinos to farm. The creature falls through the floor in a blink of an eye and bye bye creature. The last stryder this happened to me with was literally right under the ground standing there with the tip of its head poking out. Just enough so I could bring up its radial menu but not enough to access its inventory and of course I cant cryo them so im basically SOL. Try teleporting to one of these missing stryders and you will just be instantly dead with no way to get your loot back. Its really starting to grind my gears since taming stryders with this atrocious lag/rubberbanding is incredibly difficult and not fun in anyway.

Ive never lost a tractor beamed dino on gen 1 or any other map I made a skiff on so far so something feels fishy with gen2's mesh. Tractoring the stryder also is a different experience than anything else as I cant do the green beam that allows you to articulate the held creature in the air. It just stays red no matter that there is nothing in the way hindering the beam and therefore the only way I can use the stryder with a skiff is to pick it up and suck it up under the skiff immediately and then drop it directly under the skiff wherever I move to. Also cant pick up a stryder that is being ridden by a tribemate which is just the stupidest thing.

Oh and by the way these geniuses named the creature a Stryder yet the beds are called Strider... And you cant rename the beds only the creature itself... which will not change the name of the beds location when spawning or fast traveling. Very well thought out guys.

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