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VoidWrym taming bug?

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I was taming a Tek Wyvern last night, and I got it to about 60%. At which point it killed me after kicking me off. I spawned back in and then the option to ride it was gone. I ended up having to kill it because it was no longer able to be ridden. Taming meter was still there, just couldn’t ride anymore.

Yes hp was way under 10% (down to about 40hp)

Anyone else have this issue?

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Edit: I found the issue. I was using the Tek saddle on the space dolphins to get it’s hp below 10%. When using them the Tek Wyvern will not perform the animation, thus can’t be ridden. Even though it’s glowing blue. 

You just have to put a single bullet into it after getting its hp low with the dolphins in order for you to ride it.

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