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Babys Dead


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I get up in the morning, slept for exactly 5.5 hours, and the work of almost 2 weeks is dead ......

why is everything dead?!?!? What nonsense you have programmed there ...

some rexes were not 12h old, freshly tamed.

Crashes every day because you allow players to come to the server with an extremely horrific latency .... and now this ....




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  • Joebl0w13 changed the title to Babys Dead

Unclear if you're on official or unofficial servers, but if on unofficial and using S+ we had an issue on ours where suddenly nothing would eat off the S+ tek troughs (possibly other S+ troughs too, but untested). Emptying the trough, picking it up and re-placing it saw everything suddenly eating normally again (and a huge amount of food get used in the troughs as they were catching up 😂

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